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In the kitchen was the theme of a recent challenge at Fine Art America I participated in. This was a great opportunity for me to find, edit and expose some pictures of historic places I have visited. I focused on my travels in the North America, like USA – Nevada, and also Atlantic Canada.

I think that it is fascinating exploring the kitchens, especially those with a pinch of nostalgia in them. To me they are a more intimate aspect of lifestyles, cultures and customs of the respective time and location..
* All the pictures below are part of my FAA gallery and available as art prints. Just click on them to see more.

Exploring the 19th Century luxurious Wild West kitchen at the historic Bonnie Springs Ranch, Nevada.

Some years ago my husband and I visited Bonnie Springs ranch, now closed. This Wild West establishment, used to be a museum and touristic attraction near Las Vegas in the Red Rock Canyon area. The place dates back in 1843, when Bonnie and Al Levinson bought the ranch, and also developed in a small village in the Mohave Desert.

The kitchen, looks quite luxurious and well equipped, with a nice electric oven and stove. I liked to explore all utensils, the shiny copper pots and pans, plus the wooden cabinets and spices…

** I promise to make a separate post on things we have seen at this historic ranch.

Rural kitchen in Labrador, Atlantic Canada

From the Las Vegas area to the remote Point Amour Lighthouse in Labrador, Canada is quite a jump 🙂 Talking about two totally different areas and culture of the North America.
Built in the early 1800’s (1857) on the North Atlantic coast in southern Labrador, this historic building is now a museum. It is the tallest lighthouse in Atlantic Canada , and the second tallest one in all of Canada, reaching a height of 125 feet.

The very interesting to visit residential area, has also a beautiful old fashion rural kitchen. I’d like to have a kitchen like this too 🙂
** I made my photos painterly using the digital media, and they are part of my galley at Fine Art America. Click on them for a closer look:

And here is another picture from the same kitchen, uploaded earlier to my gallery:

Fogo Island, Newfoundland

Staying within the Newfoundland and Labrador province of Canada, this below is a picture I uploaded earlier. I photographed the kitchen of the historic Bleak House museum in Fogo Island, Newfoundland and posted to my Treasure Hunt in Newfoundland blog of this website. I also made it as a watercolor using the digital media and it’s part of my FAA – Fogo Island gallery. ** Click on it for details

Exploring the French kitchen at Louisburg Fortress in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Now, let’s see a total different type of kitchen, life style and culture. Built in the18th century, this National Historic Site brings you back to French colonial life in Canada. La Forteresse de Louisbourg a live museum, is a highly visited touristic place.
In this photo I captured the French Canadian woman guide, explaining visitors about the history of the place. Dressed in a typical outfit of the time, she was standing between the large fireplace and a long wooden table with a white tablecloth on it.

And here is the same kitchen from a different angle with a different light on it:

I hope you enjoyed seeing this historic kitchens viewed through my lens during my travels

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Whatsoever is Lovely Challenge-2023 Week 11 | RDP Word of the day: Pinch | FOWC with Fandango — Historic

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  1. Very cool article, Tatiana. I, too, participated in that Kitchen Art Challenge at FAA but did so with my other “personal” as Artificial Intelligence. Had we been home instead of on vacation I would have taken a different approach. Your images of old time kitchens and kitchen displays are “spot on” perfectly done in the watercolor approach. It looks as though we are actually back there.

    • Thank you Bill! I use the AI sometimes just for fun. However I have hundreds of thousand of travel photos uploaded to my Print on Demand sites and many more waiting to be edited 🙂

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