Backlit pictures along my travels

Backlit pictures is one of my favorite subjects. Observing the nature, shooting in the urban areas, or just exploring objects lit from the back is a type of photography I often embrace. No matter the time of the year or the subject, I love to see and capture them with my camera.

Well I haven’t made any new posts for a long time, and now I’m trying to go back into my old habits. My life has dramatically changed, but I still have my many old travel photos to look at, enjoy and share with passion.

I’m glad I found again the Lens-Artists Challenges on WordPress. I’m even happier to see that the new challenge is about backlit, because I have so many images on this type of photos 🙂
I definitely cannot post them all here, so I’ll go only with some uploaded to my Fine Art America gallery. They are available art prints for home and wall decor, as well as accessories and all kind of exciting products. Just click on them to see for yourself.

As a travel photographer I mainly shoot outside using the natural light, so I’ll start with some nature photos.

Backlit in Nature

Observing the green leaves after a summer rain, blooming cactus flowers in Arizona, a glowing sunflower in Spain, or the glowing light at Lake Constance.

I often like to digitally hand paint my photos. This is what I did with my blooming pink prickle pear cactus in a glowing backlight in the Mohave desert, Arizona at springtime.

The swans at their mating spring ritual was an amazing experience. I photographed them backlit by the morning sun on the Rhine River, Germany. You can see them in my previous blog: Swans Nuptial Dance on the Rhine River, Germany

Talking about birds, look at this Robin mother in the springtime light with her cute little chicks 🙂

In Cancun, Mexico, I just couldn’t resist to photograph this Caribbean spa at sunset,backlit by the afternoon sun.

That’s right: the light coming from the back, often creates silhouettes. I made my fiery sunset on the beach as a digital painting as well:

Backlit at wintertime

In the winter, the light coming from the back looks totally different. Look at these leaves covered by the first snow in Canada (photo and painting versions). Here actually, it is not about the sun being behind, but rather the sunlight reflected by the ice:

From Canada I have many more backlit winter photos, but I’ll post here only one more. I also took it in late November. It features a couple of milk pods in a field of sparkling light. I have a whole post on backlit milk pods in my Giftsmart website, called “Autumn Splash

Urban backlit photographs

I have a passion for photographing urban scenes, and I think that the backlit ones are among the best.
I’ll start with a urban scene at the evening golden light taken in Ottawa, Canada:

Another one that I definitely have to add here is a scene from the Lake Constance, Germany. I also made it as a manual digital painting:

From Las Vegas, I’ll post another digital painting. It’s the view of the Mandalay Bay at the golden light:

Well, I have restrict myself from uploading all the backlit pictures I have to this post. I’ll insert others in the future. However, you can see them all in my Fine Art America gallery.

For the fun of challenges, I’m participating in Leya’s challenge for this week: Backlit

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  1. I wonder how much work goes into creating a website this excellent and educational. I’ve read a few really good things here, and it’s definitely worth saving for future visits.

  2. Welcome back, Tatiana! A great collection from you as always! I love the birds and the desert light very much. The milk pods are delightful and the bus stop delicious.

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