Capturing the sky along my travels in Canada

Capturing the sky in outdoors photographs always complete a beautiful landscape. I know that we all want blue sunny sky, when traveling. However the beauty of the ever-changing clouds in every season is just hard to beat.

Capturing the sky at sunset

Here you can see two instances of the same place: Peggy’s Cove lighthouse. I took them at the end of summer at sunset. The difference is that for the second one I waited longer to get the red sky.
** BTW, all the photos below are part of my Fine Art America gallery, available for prints. By clicking on them you will see all the available options.

But talking about sunset, when the sun is low and less bright capturing the sunburst is just a hobby of mine

Capturing the sky reflections

The water in the picture above was a little rippled, but when it’s calm it mirrors the sunset colors beautifully. Sometimes, part of the shore gets reflected as well

I didn’t mean to dedicate this post to capturing the sky in Canada only, but, but it looks like I have more nature photos from my Canadian travels… Just look at these two instances of the water reflecting the sky in Ontario at dusk.

… And sometimes it’s fun to capture just the sky reflections, without actually looking up. I took this photo in a pond in Newfoundland and made it painterly in the digital media:

Another instance I found exciting to photograph is this almost perfect symmetry of the reflected sky in the water. I took it in Nova Scotia, and called it “As Above, So Below”. I also made it painterly in the digital media:

Capturing the sky with silhouettes

Yes sure, against the illuminated sky at sunset, all objects appear as silhouettes – how beautiful! Just look at this Inukshuk sculpture made of balanced rocks in Collingwood, Ontario. I called it “The Guardian”

But it the silhouette doesn’t have to be on the water. Here is the iconic “Man with two hats” sculpture Dow’s Lake, downtown Ottawa. It it a gift from Netherlands to Canada, as a symbol of appreciation for the Canadian Forces who Liberated Holland in the world War Two.

Capturing the sky at daytime

Now, I know that sunsets make beautiful sky pictures, but the daylight photography is not to be ignored either. For instance, here is a capture of long red truck loaded with lumber and driving on a highway in New Brunswick, Canada.

I was always captivated by the puffy clouds on the big Canadian sky, looking like they are just placed there by hand… Here we are in the Gros Morne National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Newfoundland. I liked the shadows of these huge clouds over the old eroded millennial Gros Morne mountain. * I talked about it in my “Treasure hunt in Newfoundland

I have many, many more photos capturing the sky and not only in Canada. I will finish this post however with another Canadian symbol: The Snowbirds. I’m talking about the Canadian Acrobatic team of the Royal Canadian Air Force, flying under the sky of Ottawa, Canada.

And here are also two posters I made with their demonstration:

The Canadian Snowbirds collage poster

I hope you enjoyed my Canadian sky images. I made this post inspired by the theme suggested in the WP group of photographers at Lens Artists. Lens-Artists Challenge #250– Skyscapes or Cloudscapes hosted this week by Amy

BTW, this is the Pinterest entry on my Travel Stories Illustrated board

Pinterest poster
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  1. Beautiful skyscape photo gallery! Love the changing colors of the sky especially. The sky or water is a fabulous abstract painting. And, these Air Force captures are awesome.
    Thank you for joining in,Tatiana!

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