About Travelways and myself

About the Travelways website, I mainly said it all on my home page, but if you want to know more about me here it is 🙂

Mazatlan beach

I’m Tatiana the person behind the Travelways site. The photo above was taken about 10 years ago when my husband and I took a vacation to Mexico (you can see it here). I don’t have a recent photo of myself, because eh, my husband never took one that I was happy with… But things are continuously changing… Now, since December 18, 2021, I lost the opportunity to ever have a photo of mine taken by him 🙁 Well, “C’est la vie”, but he will always be “Mon amour”. Yes, we both were speaking French as well, and are (were) Canadian citizens – I still am…

As I’m showing on my “gravatar”, I’m a former hydro engineer back in the Eastern Europe. I became a graphic/web designer not too long after I crossed the ocean (1993), and I’ve been doing this since. In addition, I still am a passionate traveler and travel photographer, even though, I know I will not travel again. You can see that I’m a busy restless person… Right now I’m busy trying to figure out how to live by myself.

But Let’s start with the beginning:

My knowledge and love about water are reflected on the HealthBenefitsOfWater.com website, which cries to be updated – Well, maybe some day…

Since 1995 I spent almost all my time creating websites for other people.. You can see some of my work at AllBizWebDesign.com. BTW,  all my websites are now WP sites. However, at one moment in time I thought to take care of my own.

More on my Travel Photography

Going back to travel, hundreds of my pictures are mainly stored on my photography site: TravelwaysPhotos.com, hosted by SmugMug. I’ve been there since 2008 and participated in many contests. I’m proud to say that I won quite a few 🙂

Lately I enrolled into Fine Art America: TravelwaysArt.com or better, tatiana-shima.pixels.com, where I’m selling my photography and digital work, as art prints. Not too long ago, I also became a member of other POD (Print On Demand) websites, where I’m doing the same thing: redbubble.com, Society6, and Zazzle.

You can also see some of my creations on GiftSmart.com.  I made this website many years ago, and it was based on affiliate programs. Recently updated it with my own art prints.

But that’s not all 🙂

After spending some time in Las Vegas and the surrounding area, in 2014 I enthusiastically started a website on this subject. Right now it’s a little dormant, but hopefully it will come back to life again… Here it is: VegasGreatAttractions.com

You may think that there are too many things I’m working on, and you are totally right, but this keeps me busy 🙂

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