Mount Hood Highway Road Trip

Mount Hood Highway Road Trip. Pictures taken through the windshield while Driving along Mount Hood River Oregon at the end of October. You can also see some in my Layers in Photography along my travels.

Although my husband and I were continuously traveling, In 2019 my life was still so beautiful and happy. I can say that I really enjoyed being with him and seeing so many new places. Lots of photos opportunities and I didn’t miss them 🙂

Good that I didn’t because two years later unfortunately everything stopped. Well, I still have hundreds of thousand of photos to show, but no more new ones…
He left this world in December 2021, and I’m still here alone.
No choice, but adapt to the new conditions.

BTW, I first made this post in October that year as a wordless post and thought to updated it now with a story.
** I also uploaded some of these photos to my Fine Art America gallery, so click on them for details:

Well, on that highway there was no place to stop with the coming traffic, so I took the photos through the windshield using my iPhone camera.

This is a view of the majestic Mount Hood raising above the clouds, the highest mountain and volcano in Oregon, still potentially active.

The majestic Mount Hood viewed from the road

As the road was curving, it took me many shots to get it in the perfect photographic spot, like reigning over the surrounding world.

Mount Hood Oregon Road Trip
Mount Hood Highway Oregon Road Trip

Change in weather

The weather started to change from being nice and sunny, to foggy conditions with low visibility. As we were going up we could see and admire the tall pine trees powdered by snow. What a beauty!

It was not too late in season, but a winter-like weather covered this area of the Washington State with fog, humidity and snow. The trees on the side of the road, still green where partially covered by snow, and the visibility was quite poor. We were all surrounded by green and white.

** I liked to see and photograph the scenery through the car windshield 🙂

Mount Hood Highway Oregon Road Trip
Mount Hood highway, along Mount Hood River Oregon at the end of Sempember
Mount Hood highway, along Mount Hood River, Oregon
A well deserved break

We finally found a place to stop and I went out from the car. Oh, what a good short brake! But It was a brake for some more photos in the fresh crispy air 🙂

Mount Hood highway, along Mount Hood River Oregon at the end of Sempember

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    • Thank you, Steve! Yes, I know… my husband was lately supersized with the fact that I can remember so many details from our trips, that he couldn’t. I explained to him that it was because I photographed and those images got imprinted into my visual mind 🙂

  1. I’m sorry…I read that Tatiana! I remember you from a few years ago when I was still living in Sacramento. You were a pretty regular contributor to Sunday Stills if I recall correctly. Our lives all change somehow–we moved out of Northern Cal to the Spokane, WA area in late 2020. Moving during a pandemic is very exciting (not).

  2. What a beautiful drive, is this Hwy 84 along the Gorge? Your photography is gorgeous even through the windshield, Tatiana! Great to see you link for Sunday Stills and you can also put the link directly into the post like how you did with the lens-artists link!

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