Signs of fall in Seattle

I’ve seen some signs of fall in Seattle, Washington.

The trees where starting to change from beautiful greens to rusty colors. Yes, summer is coming to an end, even in this area of mild climate. You may think that here the green will never disappear, and in some cases it doesn’t. Some foliage starts to change color, even though it’s not as spectacular as it is on the East coast. In Seattle you better admire them quickly before a strong wind comes and blows the leaves away 🙂

Signs of fall in Seattle phone shot

Signs of Fall in Seattle

I took this picture from our balcony on a sunny morning. It was the beginning of September, and everything was still quite green. Little reds and yellows were popping up here and there, with beautiful urban color contrasts. It was still warm and sitting outside with my coffee I noticed a light haze arsing from the horizon. Behind it, the mountain crests were nicely framed by the neighborhood trees. Lots of lines, shapes and layers of interest there… I didn’t want to go and take my camera and lose this great light and scenery. Here is when the phone became so useful 🙂

I took this beautiful scene with the phone, edited on the phone and uploaded directly to WP from the phone!
** Writing text with the phone though is not too much fun as you may know 😉 That’s why I’m coming back now to complete the post from my laptop…

However, I think that my iPhone did a great job showing these signs of fall in Seattle. Don’t you think? I uploaded it to my “Quick Shots On The Go” category just for fun 🙂

Lines ans Squares

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