Who said Mexicans were poor…? – an unusual encounter!

Who said Mexicans were poor…??

Who Said Mexicans Were Poor - Narrow Street in Guanajuato, Mexico, by Tatiana Travelways

This is a view from the back of a classic Mercedes Benz car, cruising one of the narrow downhill streets in Guanajuato, Mexico. Well, who said the Mexicans were poor?

I actually saw them coming from the top. It was a little unusual to see such a car going down on those narrow streets. They were also holding an umbrella to protect them from the sun. I cheap substitute for a real convertible top? Nevertheless, Mexicans are creative 🙂

Narrow streets and Mercedes car in Guanajuato, Mexico

The image with the front view of the people is not for sale (other than for editorial purpose). However the photo taken from the back, is available as art print in Fine Art America – my Guanajuato gallery.

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