Donaueschingen Danube River Source

Donaueschingen Danube River Source – A place worth visiting.

The main image of this post features “Donau Quelle” which is the German for Danube River Spring. For those who don’t know, Danube is the second biggest river in Europe, after Volga. It starts in the Black Forest in Germany and ends in the Black Sea, through the Danube Delta in Romania. From the source, the river flows for a distance of 2850 km (1771 miles) and goes through Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine.

I always wanted to see the source of it. The time arrived in 2011, when my husband and I went to visit Germany.

Donau Quelle – Danube River Spring

Donaueschingen Danube River Spring

The spring resides on the domain of the Fürstenberg family, where there is also a castle with the same name and a cathedral. The zone is partially under construction and I couldn’t get any decent shots of the castle. Too bad, but my target was to see the source anyway…

The water goes from here to the small river (Breg), which joins another river (Brigach) 1 km farther. From there it becomes the actual Danube.


The closest place to the source is Donaueschingen town. I speak a little German, but not enough, so what I could find out was that the name of the town could be translated as Danube confluence. And this is what it actually was. Here are two pictures of this town’s red roofs, viewed from above.

Red Roofs In Donaueschingen, Germany

Donaueschingen is a very nice old German town with some new updated modern architecture and lifestyle.

Red Roofs In Donaueschingen, Germany

All these pictures are available as art prints for wall and home decor in my Germany gallery. Just click on them to see all the options. If you are like me and want to have the Danube river spring image as a poster in your home, this is how it will look like:

Donaueschingen Danube River Source - poster art print Oh, we really liked vising Germany Stay tuned for more photos to come! 🙂

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