Some liquid, somewhere along my travels – digital art

FAA Certificat of Participation

LIQUID – was the theme of a 7 day challenge for fun at Fine Art America, that ended today, and Hey!, I got a Certificate for accomplishing this 🙂

Oh, the certificate says “7 Day Water Challenge“, but in reality it was about “Liquid” not just water. Anyways, good enough 🙂

The rule was to post everyday an image that was done, in the day of participation. I have lots of images containing water or generally speaking liquids. Therefore, I choose to use archived photographs, freshly made as digital paintings.

Let’s start:

Day 1: Sunday morning rest in Gabarus Nova Scotia

Fishingboat resting on water - Gabarus Nova Scotia

As you may know already, I love the Canadian Maritime area. For this reason, I started with a digital painting of a photograph I took while visiting Cape Breton. I like to photograph fishing boats floating on water and fishing tools in general. While traveling and taking photos in Nova Scotia, somebody advised me to go and see this village. Oh I cannot thank enough for that wonderful advice! I was so happy to find this picturesque fishermen village of the Atlantic Canada 🙂 Well, there is not too much of liquid in this image, but the idea is there.

Day 2: Feeding the dolphins – Digital watercolor

I made this digital watercolor from one of my original photography taken at Xcaret Eco Park, Quintana Roo, Mexico. While spending a winter vacation on the Riviera Maya in the Caribbean sea environment, my husband and I visited this wonderful ecological park. Here we are at the dolphins pool, which has direct access to the sea. One official man was feeding the lovely animals swimming in the blue clear water, while a tourist girl was watching the scene. The two dolphins looked happy and almost like smiling, …and there is a lot of liquid in my photo 🙂

Feeding the dolphins at Xcaret Ecological Park, Mexico

Day 3: Glass of Red Wine

While being in a restaurant in Spain and waiting for the food, I looked down into the glass of red wine, sitting on a blue tablecloth in front of me. I loved the contrasts of colors and the reflections at the first sight, and took the photo. However, I never posted it, because I always wanted to make it look more artistic. I think that now was the time, so I made it as a stylized abstract digital creation 🙂

Glass of Red Wine - Stylized Art Print
Tatiana Travelways

Day 4: Almost Ready For Breakfast – Digital Painting

It was breakfast time, and broke a beautiful organic, yellow egg, in a white plate. But I couldn’t decide how to make it. While looking at it, the glossy surface, the white-yellowish liquid and the brown shells appealed to my view, so I photographed it. Not only, but I also decided to make it as a digital painting still life picture. Here it is:

Almost Ready For Breakfast digital art

Day 5: Mexico Magic Digital Painting

Now, here is an exciting one, I think! 🙂 I made this digital painting from a photo I took some years ago at nighttime, at the pool bar in one of the Mexican beach resorts. The combination of Tequila and Sangrita (“little blood” in Mexican), made with tomato juice and spices, was my favorite! In my picture, the two glasses sitting on the granite surfaced bar counter, are backlit by the nightlights coming from the pool and the highly illuminated resort buildings.

Mexico Magic Digital Painting
by Tatiana Travelways

Day 6: Chocolate Fountain Las Vegas – Digital media

Yes, you read correctly: a chocolate fountain – something you don’t see everyday! It’s a digital painting and close-up on the famous Chocolate Fountain at Bellagio, Las Vegas. GUINNESS certified it as the World’s Largest Chocolate fountain in its WORLD RECORDS BOOK. It’s a kinetic glass sculpture with three types of chocolate continuously flowing: White, Mocha and Dark. My present image shows the mocha chocolate. This is just a detail, but you can see the whole Chocolate Fountain in my website, along with a lot more details and info about this place:

Chocolate Fountain Las Vegas - painting in the digital media
by Tatiana Travelways

Day 7: Soap balloons play in Barcelona

While wandering in the backstreets of Barcelona, Spain at summertime, we took a brake in a small plaza, attracted by a little unusual scene. It was not yet dinner time – Spanish people dine late. Instead, some families and their kids, were having tapas outside, in the patio of a small restaurant cafe. It was a picturesque place, and a common European scene. What was more attractive was the young lady performing a soap balloons demonstration. She was using a can of soapy water the she placed on the pavement and two long sticks making huge soap bubbles. Of course, the kids surrounded here in big delight, trying to catch the balloons. I captured this so sweet scenery with my camera and today I was inspired to make the picture as digital painting.

Soap balloons play Barcelona
by Tatiana Travelways

If you enjoyed viewing my “liquid” digital paintings, click on the images for more information, and thanks for visiting! 🙂

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  1. It looks like you enjoyed the challenge, Tatiana. The work you shared above is quite lovely. I normally just skip past the various challenges, but perhaps you’ve motivated me to give one a try. Thanks much.

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