No Trespassing Historic Sign

No Trespassing historic sign, dating back to 1869 in Wells, Nevada

I saw and photographed this poster/sign in Wells, an old almost ghost town in the western United States, on the northeast of Nevada.
The town is full of history from the time when Chinese, Irish and Italian immigrants came here to build the Central Pacific Railroad. Here is another interesting sign describing the history of this town:

Wells Nevada historic textI took a lot of photos from this place so interesting to explore, but I haven’t yet uploaded them to my FAA gallery.

Wells Nevada

The intriguing No Trespassing historic sign was on the outside wall of “The Bullshead” tavern, now closed. I found it interesting because of the words and rule: “All Nations Welcome, Except… Carrie – No Trespassing”. I didn’t know who Carrie was, so, I assume there was a misspelling. I thought that the sign was meant to say that people carrying weapons were not allowed to enter 🙂

** I was wrong! Read Terri’s comment about Carrie Nation. That explains it all 🙂
– People must have been exasperated by her! Ha, ha…

The tavern sign also brings back the old-time nostalgia of Wild West life in the USA. I think that it can make a great poster. If you want to hang it on your wall, it’s available as art print in my signs art gallery.

Here you can see a framed wall mounted version of the No Trespassing historic sign in Wells, Nevada. Click on the image to see all the options:

No Trespassing sign framed and wall mounted, by Tatiana Travelways

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