Don’t Travel with a Red Car In Mexico

Don’t Travel with a Red Car In Mexico! 🙂

I took this photo in a rural area of Chiapas, Mexico, and I thought it was very funny 🙂

Well, it looks like the saying about bulls being attracted to red–moving objects is not a myth! Toros can be dangerous not only in Coridas, but also on roads – huh!

This horned animal was really agog by the red moving car and started to follow it on the paved road – I’m wondering what the driver was thinking about… ha, ha

So, don’t travel with a red car in Mexico, especially on the country roads! 🙂

Don't Travel with a Red Car In Mexico Art Print by Tatiana Travelways

Now, if you think this image is funny, the good news is that you can have for your wall 🙂 Just click on the picture to see all the options: Check my Mexico Travel gallery for more of my travel photography available as art prints


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  1. Ha, Tatiana, that is funny to think about. However, it does make sense. I have driven in Mexico and through the desert Southwest of the USA – and I have seen livestock all over the back roads. I recall my wife being astounded when we saw three head of cattle waling through a McDonald’s we had stopped at in Arizona.

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