Dali Theater-Museum Figueres Spain

This is the building of Dali Theater-Museum in Figueres, Spain. Dali built it over the ruins of the old municipal theater in Figueres, the artist’s home town in Catalonia, Spain. He used this location for two reasons. He knew the theater as a kid, and this was the place where he had his first exhibition. Secondly, even though the artist didn’t enact a rule, he was close…Dali really wanted the visitors to ” leave with the sensation of having had a theatrical dream”.
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He did it perfectly, like he did everything else. – You really leave the place with your head spinning 🙂

But let’s start with the beginning. When you are about to enter into the building a huge glass window welcomes you. Visitors can perceive the actual theater foyer through the glass.

Window at the entrance into Dali museum Figueres

Eggs and muses at Dali Theater-Museum Figueres Spain

From the outside you can tell that you are going to enter into a different world. The red facade is ornamented with eggs and muses. * BTW: eggs and muses are some of his favorite symbols, and they appear like a leitmotif.

As you enter into the court, his statue with an egg as his head is looking toward the building. He’s wearing a special suit too 🙂

Further on, a high old wall surrounds the interior court. Of course he placed golden muses in all the window niches, all lined up.

Muses at Figueres Dali Theater Museum

You can also see them from the inside when looking out. I took this pictures from behind the statues through the windows:

Muses at Dali museum in Figueres
Muses at Dali museum in Figueres

Inside the museum

Everything is so well conceived and artistically done!

Once you enter you will find the greatest collection of Dali’s masterwork. Here is where the Lincoln portrait is. You can read more about this unique piece of art it in my GiftSmart.com website, where I calle it Illusion and Genius by Salvador Dali.

BTW: In my Fine Art America gallery I called this picture “Imagination” and I sold a 10.5″ x 14″ framed print 🙂 Thank you, buyer from Kankakee, IL.!

Abraham Lincoln portrait – Imagination

As I mentioned, photographing inside was allowed. Easy to assume that I took as many shots as I could. One chance in a lifetime for such “souvenirs” 🙂 Here you can see paintings, sketches, sculptures and other creative things. Here is one of the surrealistic sculptures exposed:

The museum is a two storied building, and Dali also displayed some artwork of other artists he admired.

On the main floor, you can also see his bedroom, full of weird artifacts as well 🙂
* This was in fact the house of Dali and his wife Gala. – Dali is actually buried here, under the theater stage.

And this is what the ceiling in the museum looks like:

I cannot insert all photos I took there on this post. You can see however most of them in my original collection.

More Optical Illusions

I still want to show you another very popular piece of art. This is not a painting, but another type of visual illusion made as 3D art. You cannot see it anywhere else but here, in this museum. It looks like a strange furniture arrangement. Two hanging photographs, a special shape cabinet and a couch looking like lips. But nothing is strange in this museum 🙂
** Wow, I just sold a 24″ x 36″ print of the Optical illusion 🙂 Thank you buyer from Upper Saddle River, NJ.!

However, this is what you see with your own eyes, but if you go up a few stairs, you can look through a special three dimensional magnifying lens for another kind of view…

people climbing up stairs for a 3 dimensional view in Dali museum

I went up and tried to do my best to take a photo with my big camera through that magnifying glass…  What I saw was a chic lady! It’s not the best photo I’ve ever done, but it gives you an idea of this artwork.

3D composition viewed trough a magnifying glass

But the artist’s signature is not something to ignore, either. It was displayed at the exit from the museum, as a last reminder of his art. It is also part of my FAA collection, available as print.

We left the museum overwhelmed by such a rich spiritual experience. I was seeing surrealistic and artistic things in everything I was looking at.. Ha, ha… While sitting at a street cafe in Fiqueres I noticed myself mirroring in the window surrounded by the street activity. Because I was under the impression that everything was artistic, I thought that my SP was something worth taking 🙂 So here I am in Figueres, Spain in 2009 – ten years ago…

My SP in Figueres, Spain

I hope you enjoyed this visit to Dali Theater-Museum Figueres Spain viewed through my camera 🙂

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