Welcome to Osoyoos, Canada

Welcome to Osoyoos Canada, the warmest place in the country! Today we are here, and although the nature is sill gray, it is a nice place. The colors of the valley, lake and mountains look fantastic 😀

I thought to photograph both: the welcoming sign to this touristic town of British Columbia and the information about the place, for more accuracy. In between them you can see my husband looking down the valley. I didn’t warn him about the photo because he never likes his own picture to go public, and would have left the seen. I did my best to combine all the elements 🙂

Osoyoos Welcome Sign

And here below, you can see some more shots of this so nice valley viewed from the highway:

Osoyoos Valley

The road goes down the hill in serpentine:

Osoyoos Valley

… and a closer look (2x in my iPhone) of the lake and the cloud reflections in the water

Osoyoos Valley

The town is in the very Southern part of the Okanagan Valley, near to the Osoyoos Indian Reserve. In fact, here we can talk about Osoyoos lake. The native population and early settles divided the main lake  by putting rocks down to build a road from one side to the other.

The weather is mild indeed, but the vegetation is still gray. Well, if you want green at this time of the year, you have to go much farther South 🙂

Lake reflections

We are not going to spend the night here, as we already booked an Airbnb place in Penticton. We just took a quick tour by curiosity. I liked the reflections of the houses and trees in the mirror like water, so I got some shots.

Lake reflections

This post is part of my “Quick shots on the go” series, with not too much content, but some quick photos of places that impressed me and have to share 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot: Happy International Women’s Day!!!!!!



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