San Agustin Etla Arts Center – Water Reflections

We visited San Agustin Etla Arts Center in Mexico a few years ago, and I always wanted to make a post on this ever since. The opportunity came with a WP challenge on reflections. Just perfect, because most of my photos taken there are based on water reflections. I never had such a surrealistic sentiment before… * Click on the photos for a larger format!

San Augustin Etla Art Center


But let’s start with the beginning: I’m talking about a historic yarn and fabric factory dating back to 1883.

Facade of Jose Zorrilla Trapaga old textile factory build in 1883


The famous Mexican artist Francisco Toledo transformed this old factory into the first center of ecological arts in Latin America. It is an incredible artistic place where creativity seems to come just naturally…

Old fabric factory

Today, everybody knows this fantastic place in San Augustin Etla, Oaxaca, Mexico as the CASA. The whole Spanish name of it is Centro de las Artes de San Agustín.

Centro de las Artes de San Agustín

The idea of using water as one of the main artistic features obviously came from the industrial process of the yarn and fabric. And water is everywhere there. Even the pink steps in the photo above are just waterfalls, framing the main entrance.

San Agustin Etla Arts Center water reflections

The real beauty comes inside, where the central area is just water, reflecting the old factory walls. Just incredible to see all this play with shapes, lines, planes and visual illusions!

Water reflecting old factory walls

We visited the place in the month of February, and it happened to be a gray cloudy day. That was fortunate, because the natural light helped emphasize the idea of an old industrial kind of building.

There are several basins of water at various levers, and it depends on the angle you look at them.

You go and visit the outside workshops and exhibitions by walking on large enough alleyways on the sides of the water basins.

And here are a few more reflections:

Centro de Artes de San Agustin, Etla Oaxaca

Inside, the windows reflect the light on the old factory floor,

and outside, the beautiful surrounding landscape:


But as you leave, another reflective water basin that you may have ignored when you came in, is waiting for you.

Outside water basing and reflections


I hope you enjoyed this virtual visit to San Agustin Etla Arts Center and its water reflections

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #87 – Reflections | Art Unexpected |

10 Comments on “San Agustin Etla Arts Center – Water Reflections”

  1. These photos are amazing, Tatiana. It looks like some water basins are on the second level. I’m so glad you did what you always wanted to do – make a post about these amazing reflection from the San Agustin Etla Arts Center. Wonderful job of taking the photos.

    • Thank you Sandy, yes this is an incredible place 🙂 I agree that the first one looks more surrealistic because of the person appearing there.
      That’s my favorite of the whole collection.

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