Traveling Ontario in January Photography

Traveling Ontario in January can be quite rewording: lots of beautiful places and winter travel photography opportunities. This is a retrospective of our first days of January 2013 trip in the Southern Ontario. I’m talking about the part of Ontario, from Ottawa to the South-West.

Ontario South West map


We didn’t do this trip with the sole purpose of taking photos, but I ended up with lots of them. You may know by now that I like to see and photograph winter scenes, so here we are πŸ™‚

On the road again in the first days of January:

Ontario cuntry roadI was attracted by this white country wooden house in the snow surrounded by trees:

Did you know that there is a village in Ontario called Shakespeare? Well, if you drive West from Mississauga on Hwy 8, you will find it in between “New Hamburg” and “Stratford”

Here is what the New Hamburg Ontario (founded in 1854) village looks like. It doesn’t have anything in common with Hamburg in Germany other than the name. Apparently, the locals of this nice quiet village feed the geese in the winter, therefore they don’t migrate South… You can see thousands of them on the Nith River crossing the village. Although they are vulnerable to the harsh Canadian winter, they stay there…

Wintering Geese in Hamburg Ontario, CanadaI really liked this winter scene with geese and actually sent a greeting card of it to my friends in Hamburg, Germany that we just visited a year before πŸ™‚

Shakespeare in Ontario!

A few kilometers away from Hamburg (Canada is on meter system), we found the village of Shakespeare… Quite nice, with friendly people!

Shakespeare village, OntarioShakespeare village, Ontario, Canada

However, the real Shakespeare place is not this, but Stratford – a city with a population of 31,465 people. European immigrants settled here in the beginning of the 1800’s, mainly as farmers. Those include: English, Irish, Scottish and German people. They settled on the territory of the aboriginal Anishinaabeg people and named the place and the river after Stratford-upon-Avon in England.

Below you can see the frozen Avon River in the month of January in Stratford Ontario. It was almost dark when I photographed it from the downtown park.

Iced Avon River in Stratford, Ontario

Stratford, a city on the Avon River in Perth County, Ontario, Canada is a realy special place:
– Every summer, this is home of the Shakespeare Festival, with artists from all over the world.

Stratford, ON, Canada

Forest Inn

We spent the New Year’s eve there in 2013 and stayed at “Forest Inn” motel. A great stay with clean, comfortable and very affordable rooms, with good accommodation:

Forest Inn motel in Stratford, Ontario in January

I also made a 2013 greeting card at that time for my friends and family πŸ™‚

… Here are some more winter scenes and landscapes of the Stratford, Ontario, surrounding area.

Strathforth OntarioSunset at Forest Inn surrounding area, Stratford, Ontario

Waiting for spring

… and this is is a scene that looked attractive to me in the streets of Stratford. It became an After Christmas Fun greeting card and poster and I made a separate post with it on my website πŸ™‚

After Christmas Fun Greeting Card

I hope you liked my short story and photos of the first days of traveling Ontario in January. Our winter trip didn’t end here, so more posts will follow. Stay tuned!

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30 Comments on “Traveling Ontario in January Photography”

  1. Gorgeous winter photos and I loved reading about a piece of England right there in Canada. To think Shakespeare town, festival , Stratford, River Avon all making an appearance in another continent. Fantastic!

    • Thank you sheetalbravon! Although North America (USA and Canada) are full of places called after the ones in Europe, it was indeed fantastic to see and learn about Shakespeare presence here.

  2. Now these pics look β€œvery” cold, Tatiana! AND beautiful! 😊 Esp liked the heavy snow scenes, like your top pic, postcard pic, and the one below it with the low cloud bank over the snow bank with blue sky in between and the trees’ reflections on the snow πŸ’• But in a category by itself is gotta be the hanging from the roof Santa, lol! 😊

    • Thank you Felipe! Yes, I love snow and I just thought to make that funny card as a separate post on my site πŸ™‚ Ha, ha – Stay tuned!

  3. I posted a comment – and it flew away! Well, here we go again! Love winter shots and these are beautiful! Trees and waters are always a hit.

    • Thank you so much Leya for your effort to insert the comment and sorry! I set-up my comments to be manually approved, because I get a lot of spam… But you are right: where there is snow, trees and water there is always beauty, no matter how πŸ™‚
      I don’t excel in nature photos though. I love to show man-inhabited places and their character in the respective geographic and cultural environment.

  4. Lovely spot shots, Tatiana! Especially appreciate they are winter shots – special to me as we don’t seem to get any winter this year!

    • Thank you Leya! You are right. Those were from 2013 though… we’re now in Montana (USA) not too far away, and got very little snow so far comparing to other years at this time.

    • Thank you I. J. Khanewala. There are many beautiful places we visited in Ontario throughout the past years, and I think it will be a shame not to show them and talk about them. Discovering WP and especially the challenges make this possible and give me the motivation to do it πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much Alice! You wouldn’t think so, but the whole area – especially in the winter, is very nice and interesting to see and photograph πŸ™‚

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