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When talking about winter fun, one thing that comes to my mind is Canada, especially Ontario πŸ™‚

The cold season is long in the North part of North America and having fun is the best thing to do. In the years with a lack of snow for instance, Canadians are unhappy, because they cannot use their snow toys πŸ™‚

Snowmobile in Pentaguishene, Ontario

In fact I heard Canadians saying that they don’t like summer, because it’s too hot – huh…

Family winter fun in Ontario

In the winter, families go outside to have fun and share the joy of the snow with big zest.

I can do it mom! – says this little one πŸ™‚

Winter fun in CanadaEven the Canadian pets are having fun in the winter…

Cute little dog having fun in the snow in OntarioOutside or inside, people like to skate… or at least they try:

Ice Skating Lesson

Canada Winter fun: Skating

In Ottawa for example, people can hardly wait for the Rideau Canal to open for ice skating. The regulations say that the ice has to reach a minimum thickness of 30 centimeters – approx.12-inches to allow people to go on it. Also it has to be –10Β° C ( 14Β° F) or colder for the ice to be safe. Well, they don’t have to wait too, too long for that… πŸ˜‰ but once it happens, they are all out there skating or not:

Rideau Canal SkatewayAttempting to skate on Rideau Canal, Ottawa

BTW: The Rideau Canal Skateway is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and people enjoy skating along a length of 7.8 kilometers (4.8467 miles).

Rideau Canal Is Open For Skating Bw

I didn’t skate since I was a teenager, but I enjoyed taking photos πŸ™‚

More winter fun in Canada

During my 6 years of living in Ottawa I had the opportunity to see and photograph many winter activities. One that’s also popular is Ice fishing on the Ottawa river or nearby lakes.

Ice fishing on Ottawa river, Canada


Ice fishing on Ottawa River, Canada

Some find that it’s even funnier to fish at dusk… I took this photo on the other side of Ottawa river, in Gatineau, Quebec.

Ice fishing in the sunset Ottawa Canada - January

And if you like winter outdoors activities, Gatineau Park offers 361.31 km2 (139.50 sq mi) of hiking and sporting.

Cross country skiying in Gatineau Park, Quebec,Canada
In the forest the snow is deep, so you better be prepared with some snow shoes.

Winter hiking in Gatineau Park, Quebec, Canada

But the winter fun in Canada doesn’t stop with winter sports. For some, a good activity is to admire the Centennial Flame while keeping warm with a hot coffee.
** This is a fountain with a symbolic flame in the center, and the the coat of arms of each province around it. It is located in front of the Parliament building in Ottawa.Β  Centennial Flame in Ottawa, CanadaAs I said, the winter is long in Canada and the fun is great. I hope you like what you have seen so far πŸ™‚ Stay tuned for more to come in my next posts!

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14 Comments on “Canada Winter Fun – Thursday Travel – Hunt for the Joy”

  1. That does look like a lot of fun! but brrrrr! I wish I could ice skate but I kept falling down. I don’t know why as I don’t have a problem rollerskating.

    • Thank you MNL! It was cold, yes, but with the sun it was really not too bad especially if you keep moving.
      About skating it’s probably because the ice is slippery…(?) Ha, ha… πŸ™‚

  2. I came here from Nurturing Thursday and enjoyed this post. I’m American and prefer warm weather, but have some friends who love the Canadian winters so much that they built a cabin in Canada for winter vacations.

  3. I’m in southern Ontario, but still prefer summer heat to winter cold, any day. That said, your joyful photos almost make me want to go outside and play. We’re getting lots of rain this weekend. Cheers!

  4. Had a kick showing Sheila your winter pics, Tatiana! She’s from Vermont & really liked the little one pulling the sled w/a grown up, lol! I thought your world heritage canal shot was fab, btw! Smile

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