Take me home!

Take me home! is the title of this image I took in a pet store in Ottawa, Canada.

Would you adopt a kitten?

Before you answer just look in their eyes… do they tell you anything?

Take me home - kittens behind bars begging for addoption - by Tatiana Travelways

I saw them in a small pet store in Ottawa Canada. They were abandoned kittens from an animal shelter.
The store was selling them for $129.00 to make sure they will be adopted by someone who really cares about them. Ottawa.

There are many commercials on TV, begging for donations or adoption and all those animals are heart breaking… however seeing them with my own eyes is different.

I don’t generally take too many photos of cats, but these guys were so endearing… their eyes were really saying “Take me home!”

I couldn’t take them, because we are constantly traveling, but I took this photo, printed it and brought it to that pet store. They could stick it on the door to attract people willing to adopt pets like this…

So, if  you would like to have a print of them too, here it is, available in different sizes and formats. Click on the image to find more info…
** Upon purchase the images will be WATERMARK FREE. Every purchase includes a money-back guarantee!

Take me home - Kittens behind bars framed art print by Tatiana Travelways

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