Monsoon Season in Arizona

The Monsoon season in Arizona is a blessing after the almost painful dryness of the winter, when everybody and everything was desperately in need of a little water. In Arizona there was a little rain in June this year, but it didn’t last.

The olive green of the desert is nice anyway – I always loved it 🙂

Olive green and yellow flowers cacty in Arizona

The real rain and thunderstorms started in mid July with the Monsoon season and that brought everything to life 🙂 It’s amazing how beautiful the nature is in the desert after the rain – it becomes a verdant place.

Buds and cactus flowers started to bloom in a gorgeous beauty, and it feels like springtime…

Prickly pear cacti with their buds look almost like beads decorating the otherwise arid Arizona desert landscape. – Their colors vary from pink to wine, burgundy or even ruby. What a beautiful nature! I took these photos this morning: August 1st, 2018 🙂

The Monsoon season in Arizona also brings to life the funky looking Barrel cacti 🙂

Barrel cacti in Green Valley, Arizona

On top they are decorated with those yellow buds that after the rain start to bloom into orange bright, but very sharp flowers.

I love to see theses unusual Ocotillo plants (Fouquieria splendens) which are leafless the rest of the year. The Monsoon season in Arizona brings them to life too. At this time, the long thin and bald terete Ocotillos steams get also covered by thousands of small fresh bright green leaves. Quite a transformation! 🙂

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  1. Such beautiful photos, I didn’t expect to see so much colour in the desert. Thank you for linking again to Weekly prompts. The Like button here wasn’t loading so I was unable to click. 🙂

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