Panama City Skyline

Panama City skyline, is an amazing view observed from the Amador Peninsula, across the Panama Bay, Panama.

Let’s start with the beginning: I took these two photo above and below on January 1st 2012. In other words, Yes, we spend our New Year’s Eve and a few more days after in Panama City, Panama! 🙂
* Here is the postcard I sent to my friends, taken from the hotel we spent our first days in this Central American country.
I knew that will make them jealous, but I just couldn’t resist the temptation. It is available in my Fine Art America gallery, along with all the other pictures. Just click on them to see options of wall and home decor plus much more:

A short introduction to our visit

Despite of the fact that both my husband and I got a nasty virus from the airplane, and we had a bad headache and fever for about tree days. we were still able to walk around and take photos. Here is another view of the city viewed from the Amador Peninsula:

At the end of that day, the view of the Panama Bay ((Bahía de Panamá) was just gorgeous:

We were just loitering here and there trying to see as much as we could. What an astonishing busy city! Our visit was either by car, taxi or walking… The old historic Panama City – “Casco Viejo Panama” was also on our itinerary. Check my Panama travel photography collection on this website for more interesting stories of this Central American country. More to come.

Here we are in the taxi and its driver who was our touristic guide for about one hour – a great ride with many useful explanations. * BTW: Panamanians speak English as a second language and the cabs are quite inexpensive.

Panama City Panama By Taxi by Tatiana Travelways

I never expected to see such an impressive city in Central America! It was the starting point into our three month journey in Panama 🙂

Panama Bay – shown in the first picture, is actually part of the famous Panama Canal. Sure, we have visited that as well… I’ll post some of those photos later 🙂

For the fun of challenges:

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