Swans Nuptial Dance on the Rhine River, Germany

Swans nuptial dance ritual on the Rhine River, Germany, in a sunny day of spring, at their mating time. What an incredible unexpected chance to be able to watch and photograph the activity of these amazing birds! You can see some other photos I took of them in my birds gallery at Fine Art America* Click on pictures for larger view!

It was really a rare chance to see these majestic swans in their mating ritual on the Rhine River (Breisach, Germany). It was almost like a ceremony in the swan world.

Nuptial Dance 2 by Tatiana Travelways

I went to the river several times in the morning to watch and photograph them. This majestic birds were just amazing – almost incredible! So graceful, yet so aggressive…

First I thought they were fighting – but, I guess they were not 🙂

The weather was great and the light was perfect, so I really took a lot of pictures. I also liked to see their beautiful curves.

This is a female swan surrounded by the stars created on the water. – Yes, I know how to photograph stars and I like it! – No Photoshop filters used to create them.  She was exactly like in a fairy-tale wedding ceremony 🙂

Fairytale On the Rhine River by Tatiana Travelways

Meanwhile, another graceful, probably male swan – judging from his size, was peacefully floating. I just loved his reflection on the calm mirroring water:


… And here is a very determined male coming to meet the ladies:

Determination by Tatiana Travelways

This other male just landed in power and with a lot of energy and determination also:

Determination by Tatiana Travelways

He just landed in a beautiful pose for me 🙂

Swan landing on water

Have you ever seen a swan walking on the water?

Swan Walking On Water - Rhine River Germany by Tatiana Travelways

I’ve never watched a swan nuptial dance before… have you? How lucky I was to be there at the right time 🙂 Well, walking by the waterside is never boring, but when you have this kind of show is a total different story… Do you agree with me?

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I just updated this post today with my newly uploaded swans photos, and restarted posting to WP challenges.
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