Open door to dreams

The Open door to dreams is a surrealistic photo composition that I  made some years ago for a photography concept contest.

The idea was to illustrate this text: “I hear it in the deep heart’s core” from “The Lake Isle of Innisfree,” by W.B. Yeats. The poem is about a place that the poet always dreamed of going to and never lost hope of doing it.

Fantasy Art Print featuring the photograph I Hear It In The Deep Heart's Core by Tatiana Travelways

As with all these contests I participated in at that time, the photos had to be fresh and original. I happened to be in Merida, Mexico, so  all I could do was to use the available elements in the existing environment. It was not too difficult because there are many photo opportunities in this area 🙂

The man is an elder Mexican who was simply sitting on the side of the road. That was in Puerto Progresso, Mexico, a vacation place for tourists and locals of the City of Merida.

Here are the original images:

The river and flying pelican are part of the Biosphere Nature preserve in Yucatan, Mexico:

BTW, I took the door inside of a beautiful convent in Merida:

Convent church in Merida, Mexico

Open Door to Dreams art print

The Open door to dreams image was a top favorite finalist in that prestigious art photography contest. Now, I think it can nicely illustrate the idea of “a portal open to the great adventure that lies ahead“. It is also available as art print for wall and home decor in my Fine Art America Gallery. Here is how it can look like framed on the wall:

open door to dreams art print

Just click on it for details!

… And, as a big surprise, I just T-Shirt – Black – 2XLarge of my image entitled “I hear it in the deep heart’s core” Yay! 🙂 Thank you buyer from Rayne, LA.! Here it is:

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