Closing Time

It was the closing time when we arrived

This is an almost wordless image, but for me, there is so much to tell about…

I took this photo in an European tavern, more precisely in an evening when we were traveling to Hamburg, Germany, and looking for something to eat.

Even though we couldn’t eat there but had to go and find something else, I had to take the shot at least…

Closing time tavern Germany
Closing time at the tavern in Europe

The atmosphere of this dining room with the old fashion chairs turned upside-down on the tables was so nostalgic. My husband – a “Yankee” as he used to joke about himself, was not impressed 🙂

For me however, born loongtime ago in Europe, it was an atmosphere that I suddenly realized I was missing… It inspired somehow the feeling of “”Je ne sais qua..” .. part romance, part Quartier Latin in Paris.. It was not in France, but Germany… Oh, well the old Europe anyway, and I remember this kind of sceneries from my own childhood.

Well, I loved this image and made it black and white to increase the nostalgia of it. I also entitled it “Closing Time” and posted it to my gallery at Fine Art America. If you click on it you can see it available as all kinds of art prints.

Closing time in North America

Later when Canada we ate in an Italian/NY style restaurant in St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada. It’s a chain of eatery taverns called “Mario’s”. It was late and closing time again, but not too late to still have some food for the evening. All the chairs where upside down but we were able to get a table 🙂 Well, of course I had to take the photo. – Who cares about eating? Photos are so much more important 🙂 The photo is now part of my FAA gallery too, and I called it: “At the restaurant – an unusual view”

Closing time at Marios restaurant, St. John’s Newfoudland, Canada

A totally different type of atmosphere, specific to North America, but yet chairs upside down at closing time 🙂

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