Summer rain abstract

Summer rain viewed from the car

 Summer Rain Art Print by Tatiana Travelways

This is a photo taken trough the car windshield in a summer rain in Germany. We were parked in a hotel parking lot when this downpour started. As I usually carry the camera with me all the time, I thought it was fun to try a kind of abstract picture. I activated the wipers to create the smeared water effect, just a trial 🙂 Indeed, this definitely made the green trees in front of the car look like they were moving. I got some shots – this one was the coolest in my opinion 🙂

Here below is how it can look like as an art print for the wall decor. Click on it to see more options on print types, sizes and prices.

Summer rain framed print by Tatiana Travelways- Wall View

Summer rain framed print – Wall View

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  1. Not surprised about the confusion, there are so many of us these days! Love your picture, wish I’d thought of it! Thank you so much for linking to Weekly Prompts. ?

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