La Quebrada Cliff Divers in Acapulco

People of my age might remember the old Holliwood movie featuring La Quebrada Cliff Divers in Acapulco.

The 1963 American musical comedy movie “Fun in Acapulco” starring Elvis Presley and Ursula Andress  made this place famous.

This is a very steep cliff rising out of the Pacific Ocean in the Gulf of Acapulco, Mexico. Courageous and very experienced divers perform every day jumping from the top of it into the ocean. In the movie, Elvis was one of them.
It takes a big gumption to dive from a 115 ft (35 meter) high cliff into the turbulent water of a narrow gorge not wider than 48 ft (14.6 meters). Is this not amazing? – * Click on the photos for a larger view!

I uploaded all these images below to my Fine Art America gallery and they are available as art prints. Just click on them to see all the options:

At that time in my life I was impressed and delighted by the movie. However, I never ever thought that one day I would be able to see this place with my own eyes!!! I’m so grateful to my husband for this!

The cliff was already well-known because of these performances, but after the movie it became an iconic landmark. The cliff divers are still performing everyday here to the amazement of the tourists.

Art Prints

Thank you buyer for the purchase of a framed print with one of my photos taken at La Quebrada! πŸ™‚

La Quebrada Cliff Divers - Modern Black Medium 18" x 24" Framed Art Print by Tatiana travelways

I also made a collage as a poster or postcard with some sequences of this incredible performance, , available in my Fine Art America gallery:

And here it is, as a greeting card:

At the time of the movie and after, the beauty of Acapulco beaches and the surroundings attracted many rich and famous people, including many Hollywood stars.

One of the places where the stars used to hang out was the Los Flamingos hotel – a must to visit place. Here you can see photos and memorabilia related to these old movie titans. Elvis stayed there during the production of the movie too.

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    • Oh, hard to remember as it was in 2008 πŸ™‚ However, if it didn’t remain vividly in my memory it’s because it was insignificant to me. They probably did, and that was very good, as they really deserved much more than a small donation!

  1. Well, there’s another place on the bucket list! Thank you for bringing this wonderful place back into my memory. In the ’70s, there was an annual event covered by ABC’s Wide World of Sports in the USA. Always thrilling. And I’d totally forgotten about it. <3

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