Sherbrooke Pioneer Village Nova Scotia – Travel back in time

When you visit the Sherbrooke pioneer village Nova Scotia you literally travel back in time. This is just one of a few historic live museums in Canada, so interesting to go and explore. I heard about places like this where people live like they did centuries ago. I’ve never seen one though until we visited Sherbrooke. I can say that it was quite an experience, and why not to confess, a little shocking at first sight… People were living there a second time around – if I can say that 🙂

People of Sherbrooke Village
People of the Sherbrooke Village live museum
18'h Century lady in Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia

As you can see, they are dressed like in the 1800s, when the village experienced a golden rush era. The museum is actually part of the Sherbrooke village, on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. It took the name from Sir John Coape Sherbrooke, Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia at that time.

Sherbrooke village Nova Scotia on google map
Sherbrooke village Nova Scotia on google map

The Sherbrooke Pioneer Village Live Museum, Nova Scotia

Here in the live museum, you will see beautiful well preserved historic houses, establishments, shops, and official buildings from two centuries ago. * Click on the photos for a larger view! – (I digitally altered some for more vibrancy).

Grandma's house painterly
Grandma’s house painterly
Village street in perspective
Village street in perspective
Carpenter workshop
Carpenter workshop

… And people are there like they have never left.. This smiling lady was proudly wearing her beautiful dress, while walking down the alley:

… and the pharmacist got mail – I hope she will not get tears

She got mail
She got mail

What impressed me most was the 18’h century pharmacy, equipped with all the tools and artifacts from that time.

Red globe in the pharmacy window
Red globe in the pharmacy window
Medicine bottles
Medicine bottles

A young student was volunteering to help the museum in his spare-time. Another lady, was actually making lotions for the museum to sell in their gift shop.

I also loved entering into the craft shop to admire the process of quilt and tapestry making.

18th Century Art Print featuring the photograph The Quilt Maker by Tatiana Travelways
The Quilt Maker – Digital Painting

The elder quilt maker lady sitting in front of the window gave me goose bumps on the spine. She somehow reminded me of the Vermeer’s tiles 🙂 Far from pretending to make a replica of the classic master artwork, I tried a digital painting portrait of her.

They have transportation too, in wooden (red) wagons pulled by horses, but with rubber tires. Here is a digital painting of one:

Second time around? This is what I felt like when visiting this place… What do you think?

** I updated this post today by adding new photos and digital work from my Fine Art America gallery

Initially posted in April13, 2020, and submitted to: Tuesday Photo Challenge – Travel | Lens-Artists Challenge #92 – Second Time Around – Going back

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  2. Amazing place – do the people live in the village as though they lived back in the 1800s (ie live that life for real?) I’ve been to Williamsburg in Virginia where the old town from Colonial days is more or less how it has always been and people act out the roles, but they are actors in effect. But the more I think about it, they are also skilled craftspeople as well. Mmmhh. Interesting to ponder! But lovely images to illustrate it!

    • Steve, yes they live there like they were in the 1800’s. There is their home and of course they work according to their skills. Maybe not all live there though, I think that some are just volunteers or have a part time job – not sure 🙂

  3. Wow. Great photos. I love vintage/antique things, but I think the water wheel is my favorite. Many fine photos, regardless. Well done.

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