Freshly roasted coffee in Ajijic Mexico

Freshly roasted coffee in Ajijic Mexico

Ajijic is a small but very picturesque town on Lake Chapala, state of Jalisco, Mexico a mecca for many people coming from the North of the continent for a vacation or to retire.

I will make another post about this beautiful town later. For now, I want to bring to your attention some photos on freshly roasted coffee in Ajijic.

Freshly roasted coffee in Ajijic Mexico

This image is from a downtown coffee shop. As you can see, here they will spoil you with all kinds of coffee from Mexican areas like Oaxaca, Veracruz or Green Mountain (I don’t know where that is…)

The tables are decorated with coffee beans covered by glass,

Table decorated with coffee beans in Ajijic, Mexico

… and on a wall I saw a very informative collage of illustrations on the coffee production process:

Coffee production poster in Ajijic, Mexico

Talking about freshly roasted coffee, what I liked most was that we could buy it for a very low price at the nearby market (mercado). Oh, that market running once a week was a real dream for the long-term visitors 🙂

Market in Ajijic, Mexico

The freshly roasted coffee at the local market was a big seller and if you were not there early enough, you were risking going home without…

Freshly roasted coffee in Ajijic Mexico

I think that the (typical) rusted primitive tools for grinding and weighing made the whole experience more exiting – ha, ha… The coffee was very good tasting though.

Grinding, and weighting fresh coffee in Ajijic market, Mexico

… and here is a close-up on the coffee grinder 🙂

Coffe grinder in Ajijic, Mexico market

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  1. Ah coffee – freshly roasted, but then I love tea too, probably more anti oxidants – … can’t choose! But thank you for sharing thw coffee experience with All Seasons! have a great week!

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