Acapulco beaches

Acapulco beaches make one of the nicest places for a vacation in Mexico. I uploaded some of these images to my Fine Art America gallery, and they are available as art prints.
My husband and I have been there two times and stayed in several hotels. Great memories, happy times! 🙂 * In 2008 I only had a small Canon PowerShot camera, but I tried my best.

Almost all hotels there are on the water around the famous Acapulco bay. BTW: Acapulco is the largest beach resort city in Mexico and it has a nice balmy climate.

Hotels around the Acapulco Bay
Acapulco beaches around Acapulco Bay
Acapulco beach

Are the Acapulco beaches safe for swimming?

Well, if you only want to cool of from the heat of the sun, it’s great. At the shore, in front of big hotels, the water is clean and shallow. However, some more adventurous swimmers have reported drop-offs on the seafloor, which can be very dangerous…

The cliff divers show is a different story – “don’t try this at home” – so to say 🙂 nor in your Acapulco vacation… 

Go instead into safe waters:

Many hotels in Acapulco have beautiful swimming pools overlooking the splashing ocean surf. Here you will not get the vendors with mangoes and limes. You will receive instead the full attention of the hotel personnel ready to serve you with all the goodies they have in stock 🙂

I took this photo from our room balcony of the – Mexican Fiesta hotel. At this place the ocean water is very turbulent, so tourists prefer to stay by the pool.

Grand Mayan

... And talking about pools, at the Grand Mayan hotel resort you can swim in what is literally the longest swimming pool in the world.

Pool swimming at Grand Mayan resort, Acapulco

The pool goes all around the whole resort property, which is not small…

View of the Grand Mayan hotel, Acapulco
Grand Mayan hotel pool in Acapulco

Grand Mayan hotel in Acapulco is a deluxe resort and its beach is the largest and most beautiful of all Acapulco beaches. Well, in our passed good times we had a timeshare exchange here for one week. (I do not recommend timeshares though – you can ask me why)
** BTW: I sold a 12″ x 8″ print of Low Tide in Acapulco from my FAA gallery 🙂 Just click on it to see more:

I also took a picture of the beach at sunset, and made it as a watercolor painting in the digital media. You can see it better in my FAA gallery:

If you like horseback rides, independent Mexicans are more than happy to have you onboard. I just loved to photograph the horses – They were so nice and patiently waiting for the clients in the hot sun…

Chapel of Peace

But, there are many more places to see and things to do in Acapulco… And here is the view of the city and Mexico Bay from one of the surrounding hills.

View of Acapulco and Mexico Bay

On this hill you can visit the Chapel of Peace (Capilla de la Paz) – This place was built in the memory of two brothers who played an important role in the development of the city. They unfortunately perish in a tragic airplane accident. The chapel and monuments were built by their family.

Here you can see the famous sculpture of the two right hands joining together signifying brotherhood. In Spanish it is called “Las Manos de la Hermandad”

Las Manos de la Hermandad

How safe is Acapulco to visit?

In the last years Acapulco has become a place known for organized crime due to the war on drugs. However the United States Department of State considers that the populated tourist areas are relatively safe. It is a good idea not to adventure out yourself at night on back streets or in bars and casinos situated out of the main touristic places.

Bottom line: if consider taking a winter or spring vacation this year at one of the Acapulco beaches, do it in a safe touristic place!

All these photos and many more, can be seen in a larger format  and purchased in my Acapulco gallery. The watermarks will not appear on the final product.

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