Alsace street corner mirror

Alsace street corner mirror

I saw this street corner mirror in a small village in Alsace when we visited this part of France on a rather gray day of spring. But the weather is never a reason to stop me from taking photos 🙂

Alsace street corner mirror by Tatiana Travelways

I particularly liked the juxtaposition created by the look of the mirror and the bare branches in the background. Patterns on patterns and inside patterns 🙂

The scene is part of a series of photos I took in a one-day trip From Breisach Germany to France. In this region, the villages along the Rhine River (close to Strasbourg) have a mixed population and culture. They date back to the early Medieval times, and the border between the two countries existed since the 17th century. There is no border today other than the North part of the Rhine River. Needless to say it’s a place full of history and memories, with a lot of interesting things to see.

This Alsace corner mirror attracted my eyes – it was like seeing reality in a different way. It was mirroring a scene of that village, with the specific French/German style houses and barns. There was also a man there, just about to cross the street. I captured it with my camera, but it’s there to endlessly capture small unique stories of the everyday life in this rural place.

Mirrors are magic I think, and if you like to have a little magic in your home, this is how it can look mounted on the wall. Is this a kind of an “oddball” picture? It may be and that’s why I like it 🙂

Alsace street corner mirror framed art print

The picture is available at Fine Art America, in my France-Art collection in various sizes and type of prints. Just click on it for details.

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