Fishing Ropes of Nova Scotia poster

Fishing Ropes of Nova Scotia

My husband and I spent some years in Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada, and we have also visited the Newfoundland and Labrador province. There I just loved to observe and explore everything related to fishing. I especially liked taking photos of the colorful ropes, the patterns and lines they create when rolled and tied together.

This is how they look like on a fishing doc in St. Margret’s bay, ready to be used:

When going closer they look really interesting. Just look how colorful they are! Here are some fishing tools and ropes stocked on a deck by the water. I saw and photographed them in Peggy’s Cove, near Halifax.

Fishing ropes and fishing tools on a deck in Peggy's Cove
Fishing ropes Nova Scotia
Fishing ropes in Saint Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia

And here is a painterly version of these colorful ropes. It is available as art print in my Fine Art America gallery:

I also added a painterly look to this image uploaded it to my Fine Art America gallery:

Fishing Ropes of Nova Scotia Poster:

This is a decorative collage poster I uploaded to my Fine Art America Gallery. I put together various close-up photographs and details of colorful ropes used in the industrial fishing of Atlantic Canada. The poster is available as art prints to decorate any wall in a house or office. Click on it for all the art prints options:

** Wow, I’m honored that my “Fishing Ropes of Nova Scotia” collage image has been selected as FEATURED ART OF THE WEEK, in “Red Maple Gallery”, homepage group, at Fine Art America! 🙂

This is how it can look like on a wall. Just click on the image for options:

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