Wordless Wednesday… and some thoughts

Do you feel scared by this unnaturally induced “pandemic”? Bad things spread fast, without warning.

Let’s try to stay away from them and overcome any fear by positive thoughts.

Also: Do not stay inside! While it is may be not good to join crowds, it is an excellent idea to find a place outside, where you can walk in the fresh air.

These will boost your immune system and help fight any bad viruses.

Walking byt the lake

Read more about this on my Health Benefits of Water website:

Negative Ions – Sometimes Negative is Good


It is also worth it to have a look to my previous post on “How Japan flattens & emerges from the 5G-CoronaVirus curve

6 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday… and some thoughts”

    • Oh, I didn’t mention about the location of that place, because it’s a photo I used on my Health Benefits of Water website, which is about health and not travel… 🙂 I took it on Rideau Canal, in Smith Falls, Ontario (near Ottawa). This small Canadian town dates back to about 1977’s it’s true, but I took it in 2011 🙂

  1. Amazing what even a short walk even a short walk will do for my spirits, Tatiana! I’ve been earmarking good posts re dealing with the virus crisis; all really helpful! Thank you 🙏

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