Life in Newfoundland is simple

Life in Newfoundland is simple, peaceful and beautiful. Want a relaxing vacation? Newfoundland is the place to go.

But this post is not as much about relaxation, but about the fact that creates it: SIMPLICITY. It is well known that simplicity creates relaxation and we all need this so much these days.

I often like an environment where people live without too much sophistication and high tech. For instance, this is what Sunday morning can look like in Fogo Island.

In this post I also inserted some of my favorite photos representing simplicity of life in this Maritime province of Canada. I think that simplicity here is

Life in Newfoundland is simple – fishing boats photos

In Newfounland you can find lots of simplistic / minimalist looking like scenes, just by looking at the boats floating on the water. There are many small coves  part of the Atlantic Ocean all along the coast of his big rocky island.

Here is another photo of a beautiful simple white boat reflected in the mirroring water:

I have some more beautiful boats but since I don’t feel well, I will end with this one in Rose Blanche near Port aux Basques, NFL:

… and here is a photo painting of a lonely boat in one of the Newfoundland’s coves:

Newfoundland West Coast

The West coast of Newfoundland offers even more places to take a relaxing vacation, while admiring the beauty of nature and simplicity of things.

This is just one scene that impressed me by its simple beauty and I called it Serenity in Newfoundland. I uploaded it to my Fine Art America Newfoundland gallery and it’s available as art print. Click on it for details:

North East Coast

While exploring the Twillingate area, on the North-East coast of the main island of the “Big Rock”, we noticed this peaceful beautiful scenery of a boat floating under the light of the full moon above. I got the shot and also made it as oil painting:

BTW: Thank You Buyer from Alberta, Canada for the purchase of a Large Tapestry, featuring my Full moon in Twillingate Newfoundland, from RedBubble! 🙂

Tapestry, featuring my Full moon in Twillingate Newfoundland, from RedBubble

… And here is the Moonshine as a hand made painting in the digital media:

I also made another post about it: Quiet morning on Fogo Island, Newfoundland – you can see that I adore Newfoundland 🙂


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  1. I have always wanted to go to Newfoundland. I crave the simplicity you speak about. I have been to Iceland which has a much more simple lifestyle too. Your simple minimalist art work is lovely and your artist website has so many beautiful pieces. I saved one of them to my Pinterest account :}

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