Winter Holidays In Germany – A common occurrence

Some years ago we spent the winter holidays in Germany, and we didn’t regret it. In this country people take their free time seriously and this is common. When they work, they work hard, when they party, they really do it – no mistakes!

Serving beer at the Löwenbräu brewery, Munich, Germany

At this time of the year for instance, Germans take a vacation that starts before Christmas and ends a week after the New Year! What a great life 🙂 As a matter of fact, the winter holidays in Germany don’t end the second day of Christmas. Most of the businesses are closed at this time, except for a very few. However, many store lights are on all the time, like in this candy store on a shopping street in Munich.

Surprise: the Apple store in Munich was open! – Honestly, I didn’t really expect to see this 🙂

Apple store in Munich, Germany

The spirit of the holidays, joy and happiness abound wherever you go. These are some Hungarian musicians singing in the streets of Munich during winter holidays.

Winter holidays in Germany - Night music in the streets of Munich, Germany - München

And here is another couple of night musicians in front of a closed store:

Night music players in Munich - Munchen, Germany

When we visited Nuremberg, the pedestrian street downtown was full of people strolling around and having fun. A mini zoo was the main kids attraction in town 🙂

Pedestrian plaza downtown Nuremberg, Germany
Pedestrian plaza downtown Nuremberg, Germany
Mini zoo downtown Nuremberg, Germany

Others were attracted by the cafes, street markets or food kiosks with sweets and other goodies.

Obviously the restaurants and bars are all open. It is just an incredible and wonderful time of the year. – “Wunderbar” as Germans would say:) This is the entrance of a historic restaurant brewery in Bamberg.

Winter Holidays in Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany

More lights at Winter holidays in Germany

It is also common to see Christmas lights displayed in the streets and windows during all this time. This is how one of the downtown streets in Bamberg looked like the day we arrived in Bavaria:

Christmas lights in Bamberg, Germany

Germans definitely like decorations, lights and toys. In fact I read that Christmas celebration has a long history in the German culture. Here is a window display of a Christmas store in Bamberg:

Christmas store window display in Bamgber Germany

I have many more photos of the winter holidays in Germany. For now I will end with this cute angel I saw in a window of an apartment building in Bamberg as well:

Angel in a window in Bamberg, Germany

They do like their holidays in Germany – don’t they?

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10 Comments on “Winter Holidays In Germany – A common occurrence”

  1. What a great depiction of Germany and the people’s spirit there, Tatiana! Love the idea of them celebrating through the holidays, all restaurants and bars open, all else (mostly 😊) closed, lol! Only post I could find right off of mine is some floral pics, one of which was taken late Nov 2012 in Paris. This was the 1st time I saw an entire city transform itself to celebrate the holidays like this, much like in Germany. This is a travel post of florals from Paris to Vermont, Galveston to Austin, so hope that qualifies –😊-2/ .

    Wasn’t sure how to tag #ThursdayTravel on my post; via the tags section in WordPress?

    Do you do this travel theme each Thursday then?

    Thanks, Tatiana!

    • Thank you Felipe! I was actually in Paris for the winter holidays in 1991 – that makes 28 years ago!… ha, ha 🙂
      (I stayed there about 3 months to some relatives of mine.) Beautiful lights at night on Champs Elysees I remember! I visited a lot of things and also went up on the Eiffel Tower – hey! what great memories! No photos though – I only had a small film camera – nothing left.

      About the #ThursdayTravel I’m not sure – I saw others doing this, but how it works I don’t know too much. Maybe just ThursdayTravel or Thursday Travel (without the #) would be good enough, but I think it’s mainly for your own records, so you know where you posted it 🙂

      Anyways yes, I’m trying to do this every Thursday. Many of us on these WP blogs are travelers, so we can share places and stories. It would be nice – I think 🙂

      • Oh, i had a huge semi-funny response & lost it, lol! I went to do something then when I got back & hit send it said “problem” – if it shows up let me know.

        The gist was we were in Paris 5+ weeks & did get to walk Champs Elysees at night! Even the McDonalds was nice 😊

        I’ll add Travel Thursday to my tags so I can find the posts. I do get email alerts ‘bout your posts most the time, so I’ll be sure & be on the look out for the next theme, etc. Yes, should be nice 😊 Thanks Tatiana!

    • Thank you I. J. Khanewala! Germany is beautiful indeed. We arrived there after Christmas but spent the New Year’s Eve party in Bamberg in a Greek restaurant 🙂 In Nuremberg we only went in the first days of the new year, so I missed the famous Christmas market. The lights and decorations were still up though, so it was nice anyway 🙂 I have many more photos but I couldn’t put them all in one post. I’ll have to make another story somehow..

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