Ontario Barns Photography

During our travels in Canada, I photographed some of the Ontario barns among other subjects. I find that these type of buildings make a nice esthetic addition to a country landscape. From a photographer’s point of view for instance, barns create an appealing focal point on a rather monotone field. When they are colored it’s even better 🙂

These red barns in the Lake Erie area Ontario for instance look nice on the yellow field, with great color contrast:

Originally the idea of barns came from the European settlers, and evolved over the centuries. Therefore, there are some architectural differences and influences in building them. I’ve seen many beautiful barns in Canada and USA, from the East to the West coast. As a city “girl” however, I cannot tell you anything about how they were built or why they are as they are. I photographed them only as they appealed to my eye 🙂

One thing I noticed was the influence of French architecture in some. I just love those with two slope roofs. I sow them in Quebec of course, Eastern Ontario and also in Atlantic Canada.

The beautiful Ontario barns

It is definitely worth taking a road trip in the Ontario countryside and looking for barns, regardless the season. Some are new, some old and worn out. They all have their stories, and you can try to imagine that by looking at them.

Here is another with a French style roof near Ottawa:

I’m not sure why these Ontario barns  have red walls, but I’m glad they do 🙂 This one looks so nice on the green field with the yellow dandelions on it…

You can notice the red color even on some old weathered barns, like this one in the Ottawa area:

To me, old deteriorated or even abandoned places and buildings have a particular charm. Here is one that looks like at one time it was a beautiful barn with red roofs.

I took all the photos above in summer and early fall. However, when it snows in Canada, the Ontario barns will have a totally different look and feel… Some times they get covered by snow and you can hardly see them in the blizzard. – But hey, that’s part of the Ontario barns beauty 🙂

I like to photograph barns in any types of atmospheric conditions. This one standing on the white farm field in the evening light. It was at the end of a day trip in the area around Ottawa. I just liked their crisp shapes against the cold winter sky.

I have many other photographs of barns in Canada and other places. You can see some of them in my FAA gallery as fine art prints for wall and home decor.

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18 Comments on “Ontario Barns Photography”

  1. Wonderful pictures, I love your subject especially the old indestructibles that get more beautiful with time. We were recently in Millersburg, Ohio in Amish Country, we saw some awesome barns.

    • Wonderful photo Jenny! I like the mood of it and also the hay bales in the foreground pointing to the barn. I visited Thousand Islands some years ago, but I don’t remember seeing any barns there – maybe I was not interested in them at that time ha, ha.
      Anyway, thank you so much for your participation! I tried to give you a like and a comment on your site but I cannot find out how and where…

    • Wonderful participation with so many fascinating pictures of barns and rural structures from around the world!
      I really appreciate your entry XingfuMama 🙂

  2. I love your collection of barns. Growing up in the Midwest and traveling there extensively I had the opportunity to explore and photograph many structures in various stages of spender and decay. I would love to share and write about some of these but I’m not sure where to post. Help?

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