Foggy days in Nova Scotia

You may know that foggy days in Nova Scotia are quite common. But if you haven’t, visited the Atlantic coast of Canada, you may some day.. Don’t worry! – The fog is quite nice and the pictures of fog quite interesting, and it doesn’t happen every day. Fall and spring for instance, are the best seasons for this.

Autumn Colors Art Print featuring the photograph Autumn Colors On Acadian Trail by Tatiana Travelways

However, this is not a course in photography. What I’m trying to say is that just experiencing fog can be exciting, as long as you stay safe. Of course I don’t like to drive in the fog – I never do it. It’s my husband who does it if necessary – hey just kidding 😉 But the proof is in my post called “When it snows in Canada“. Another proof is right here – this was actually in Newfoundland, Atlantic Canada:

Driving in the fog in Newfoundland, Atlantic Canada

But visually speaking, foggy days, can be quite interesting. and not only in Nova Scotia. In the fog there is always a little unknown, a little mystery and sometimes even a little creepiness… Don’t you think so?

Saint Margaret's Bay Nova Scotia

Foggy days in Nova Scotia, Halifax area

Here are some in the Peggy’s Cove area, near Halifax, Nova Scotia – We lived in Halifax for about six years.

Foggy days in Nova Scotia, Canada - Peggy'S Cove

Fog in St. Margret's Bay, near Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

And here is the famous BlueNose II tall ship anchored in the Lunenburg harbor on a foggy day:

Foggy Art Print featuring the photograph Foggy Day In Lunenburg by Tatiana Travelways

Nova Scotia South West Coast

We’ve seen many foggy days in the South West coast of Nova Scotia in the fall. It is a normal atmospheric phenomenon in this area that gave me great photo opportunities.

Fog ove the water in the South West Nova Scotia

The following one is the Lighthouse at Sandy Point in Shelburne, Nova Scotia at low tide. When the tide gets high this lighthouse is literally in the water – a unique lighthouse in the world. I also posted it in the Nova Scotia Lighthouses.

Sandy Point Lighthouse Art Print featuring the photograph Lighthouse In The Fog by Tatiana Travelways

And these two are commercial fishing boats in foggy Pubnico, Nova Scotia

Fishing boat in the fog in Pubnico Nova Scotia

I have more, but I don’t want to monopolize your time. You can see more foggy photography in my FAA gallery. Thank you for visiting my page.

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6 Comments on “Foggy days in Nova Scotia”

  1. I was just in Halifax. What a beautiful place. It was clear and sunny during our visit, but your pictures of Nova Scotia in the fog give it a whole new aspect. Gorgeous photos.

    • Thank you “Librarylady”! Halifax is a very nice place to visit, and I don’t remember seeing fog in the winter. It is most likely to see it in summer sometimes, or better in spring or fall. I really appreciate your comment and I’m looking forward to learning about your visit 🙂

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