Fresh mangoes served on the Acapulco beaches

It’s not unusual to see fresh mangoes served on Acapulco beaches. You can have these luscious tropical cut fruits directly at your beach towel, simple, with no effort 🙂 Local vendors will serve them to you, along with fresh cut limes to squeeze on top.

** I took my photos some years ago while my husband and I took a long vacation in Acapulco, visiting as much as we could. I also uploaded the images below to my Fine Art America gallery. Click on the links to see them in a larger format with all the print versions:

I was attracted by this young Mexican carrying and delivering them by the side of the water. It was quite a delight for me to see his wooden creative – multipurpose tray. I also like the way the tropical fruits were cut like flowers. I knew Mexicans are inventive and artistic, so I was not surprised to see those mangoes stuck in sticks for easy eating 🙂 The limes where also already cut in half and it looks like they were quite popular… 🙂

The fresh mangoes on Acapulco beaches are not only attractively cut, but also so… delicious! Needless to say that they are really inexpensive 🙂

If you are curious to know, this was actually the beach where I have seen and photographed the delivery young man. Him and others were continuously bringing food and drinks to the beach from the nearby hotel restaurants.

Acapulco beaches vacation time

More Mexican food by the beach

But there are more goodies you can have on Acapulco beaches.

Tourists can also have some exotic refreshing drinks and cocktails. On these beaches, not only you will not die of thirst, but you will also get an additional good vacation mood 🙂 I got inspired and gave a painterly look to this photo.

The snacks by the waterside vary from place to place… And there are so many beautiful shores to explore and get your suntan.

The seaside of front of this hotel is too rocky, so you can lay-down on their terrace in beach longhairs while watching the ocean waves. Since this is part of a hotel, you can have a variety of snacks. Our favorite was always the chips and salsa, along with a Mexican beer of course 🙂

So, pull up a seat and have a Mexican snack!

** I also made my photo as a watercolor painting using the digital media. Well, I like to get creative with my pictures, that’s probably because of the vacation mood 😉

Acapulco is famous for its beaches and it’s also a popular Mexican touristic destination. There is so much more there than just seawater…and, well, mangoes treats. One of the main attraction is the The cliff divers show, but that’s a story by itself.

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