Indigenous craft vendors in Panajachel Guatemala

The craft vendors in Panajachel Guatemala make the picturesque landscape around the Lake Atitlan even more attractive to the tourists and visitors.

This is a peddler indigenous vendor carrying bundled handmade merchandise on her head.

Craft Vendors in Panajachel Guatemala on Lake Atitlan

The craft vendors in Panajachel Guatemala are conspicuous

You can see them and photograph them on the beach, along the stoned promenade around the lake on the streets or small markets.

Craft woman in Panajajel, Guatemala

Sometimes they agree to pose for a small amount of money:

Craft Vendors in Panajachel Guatemala - Guatemalan indigenous woman weaving traditional crafts on the lake Atitlan

Their meticulously handmade artwork with geometric motifs are replicating the bright and bold colors of the Central America environment.

I found interesting this scene of an indigenous craft vendor carrying all the merchandise, and trying to make a phone call from a public telephone:

Indigenous craft vendor Guatemala at public phone - hand painting in the digital media.

The indigenous people are selling them and also wearing them as traditional costumes. This is a beautiful traditional needle crafted Guatemalan woman shirt.

Guatemalan woman shirt

Guatemalan crafts also can make nice decorative art prints home decor or accessories.

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  1. Very nice photos and a lovely post (still can’t do the likes). Traveling in some parts of India, we found places where every home has a loom. People weave cloth for their own clothes. The lovely red fabric in the photo looks a little like a traditional Naga design (from near the border with Myanmar).

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