Fog over West Dover Nova Scotia

West Dover is a small quiet fishing village on Prospect Bay on the Atlantic ocean in Nova Scotia. It is actually in Peggy’s Cove area in between the famous heritage village and Halifax. This is a very good place if you want to relax and stay cool in the summer.

It was at the end of July when we celebrated our wedding anniversary here. I took this photo from the terrace of a nice restaurant overlooking this small bay.

When pointing my camera toward the fisherman’s houses and boats covered by the afternoon fog, a seagull entered into the frame. I was amazed by this lucky happening – What a great gift for this special day 🙂 Thank you seagull!
** I couldn’t resist and I also made a painterly version of it:

Fog over West Dover Nova Scotia

My husband and I spent a few months in this tranquil area in a rental house right on the water.

One day we were invited by some friendly neighbors to take a tour of the bay on their boat. This is what the water and the shore looked like in the light of the setting sun when returning from the trip.

Sunset On The Water by Tatiana Travelways

The coast of Nova Scotia always brings me serenity and piece of mind. Both images: Fog over West Dover Nova Scotia and Sunset on the water are available as art prints for wall, home decor and accessories. Just click on them for more details.

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