Dominion Cape Breton Nova Scotia

Dominion Cape Breton, a Heritage Community in Nova Scotia, Canada

Dominion is an incorporated community on the East coast of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (Indian Bay), founded in 1906. Originally it was part of the Dominion Coal Company and the small population living here was involved in coal mining.

Today the village is mainly a heritage, historic and touristic place, very interesting to visit.

Here are two photos I took in 2013 reminding of the old times when this community was a more prosperous place. I digitally altered the images to give them a vintage look and patina.

This is the Dominion Heritage School House Museum, preserved as a historic building.

Dominion Cape Breton old school - vintage digital art by Tatiana Travelways

… and here is a framed version of it, ready to be hung on the wall

Old School in Dominion Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

I have also photographed some historic, mining artifacts in this place, that I will post later.

  • I also learned that in 18th century, fishermen and farmers coming from France and Spain settled Dominion and the surrounding area.
The Fishery of Dominion

Here is the old fishery – another interesting building I saw in Dominion Cape Breton. I couldn’t find any information on this, so I have no idea if it’s still functioning or not. That didn’t bother me too much, as the view of the historic buildings was so nice. The red classic wooden buildings on the blue background of the water and the reflections inspired me, so I got the shot 🙂 I also digitally enhanced it for a vintage feel…

Dominion fisheries, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia - Vintage poster by Tatiana Travelways
The image is also available as art print at Fine Art America and here is what it can look like as an acrylic print version of it:

Dominion Fisheries Acrylic Print by Tatiana Travelways

As always, I invite you to click on the images for more information on these prints.

Nova Scotia is full of interesting history and it can take years to visit and see all its beauty and hidden jewels. I’ve seen some of them, so stay tuned for more pictures to come 🙂

BTW: I don’t remember in which day of the week I visited this place, but everything looked like it was on Sunday – the Silent Sunday 🙂

… And as always, traveling and photographing the places I have been in is what I like to do. This is part of my world, and I love sharing it. Share your world!

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