A Window With A View – Inside-out and Outside-in

He, he,… A window with a  view is one of my favorite subjects to photograph 🙂 I’m glad I got this idea for my new travel photography blog. I have to thank one of the WP challenges for this. It’s the one that I love most to participate in, because of the high quality photos and posts. I’m talking about the Lens Artists Photo Challenge.

You may know that I love windows and you can see them allover my site. However, this is a different subject and I have three ways of showing it:

A window with a view looking from inside-out

These kind of views are the most common – right? We look out of the window everyday, at least to see how the weather is if nothing else… I do this too 🙂

Brr, better inside! This was a view from our (defunct now) condo window in Ottawa, Canada)

Window with a view of the winter

A summer rain looks a little better 😉

Rainy day viewed from the window

Time for window washing 🙂

Window washing

It’s a delight though to see a beautiful sunny day at Christmas time 🙂

Sunny winter day viewed from inside out

We were supposed to leave for Mexico for the holidays, and I didn’t do to much decorating that year… The departure had been delayed though, and we enjoyed a white Christmas 🙂

But, we finally did it, so… On the road again – Yay! * I always try to get a sit near the window 🙂

Airplane window with sunburst

Airplane window

It is much better to go South after the holidays anyway, because it’s less busy and less expensive too 🙂 A good idea is to shop around on the internet and find the best deals possible. My husband is an expert in doing this and he never gives up. It takes a little longer but it’s worth it.

What can be better than a hotel room on the waterfront in Mexico with the view of the ocean?  *The best deal my husband could find after the holidays 🙂

Hotel room on the beach in Cancun, Mexico

A similar scenario was to find this hotel room in Andalusia, Spain:

Hotel room window in Andalusia, Spain

The Gross Morne National Park, Newfoundland, Canada is definitely a place to visit. This is a view of it from the information center:

Gross Morne National Park, Newfoundland, Canada

… and this was the view from the hotel lobby in St. John’s, Newfoundland:

St. John's, Newfoundland


A window with a view looking from outside-in

I often like to look through windows from the outside, and I often see interesting things 🙂

I saw this scene in St.John’s, Newfoundland for example. An elder lady was watching the street from her window

Elder lady looking out the window in St.John's Newfoundland

Some views from outside looking in can be quite interesting, like the examples I gave in the “Travel windows framing photography” post – click to see them.

Others can be even more spectacular. An example is this window display of the Liberace exhibit at Cosmopolitan complex in Vegas:

Liberace Exhibit at Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

… And here peek through a Bistro window in Paris Las Vegas

Bistro window in Paris Las Vegas

But what do you think about this candy shop in Munich, Germany?

Candy shop in Munich, Germany

Or maybe a yummy view of a Patisserie in Stuttgart, Germany? 🙂

Patisserie in Stuttgart, Germany

On to the next level:

Photographing through the windshield 🙂

I have to confess that my best ever window with a view is the car window 🙂 I know that a professional photographer would never do this, but I’m not, so I’m not at risk to lose my permit – Ha, ha…

It is not necessarily because of the laziness, but sometime you can get a better view from the passenger seat. Not only, but there are situations when you cannot get out.

In Glacier Park, Montana, there was absolutely no way to park for photos (on the road we took). Shooting through the window was the only solution, and this is what I did:

Driving in Glacier Park, Montana

Driving in Glacier Park, Montana

An other example is this view of the road in the Yellowstone park, during a summer storm:

Road on Yellowstone park, during a summer storm

A similar situation was this shot during a rain storm in the streets of Gatineau, Quebec:

Rain in Gatineay, Quebec

In fact, I really like to play with this kind of photography through the windshield in the rain. I feel like I’m creating artistic images when I do this 🙂 Here is another – I forgot to upload it to my Abstract Photography post 🙂

Abstract photography in the rain

Well, artistic or not, in my travel photography I’m trying to express the sense of the place. I also like to impress my viewers with our adventures and performances, so capturing the moment is a must 🙂

For instance, this is what crossing the mountains of Utah on a snowy day of November looked like. In addition we were pulling a U-Haul trailer behind our car 🙂

Crossing the mountains in a snowy day, in Utah

That’s it for now 🙂 I hope you enjoyed seeing some of our adventures and my windows with a view pictures.

Lens Artists Photo Challenge #79: A Window With A View – Thank you Amy! 🙂 |

14 Comments on “A Window With A View – Inside-out and Outside-in”

  1. What a great motif / idea showing such a (for me) surprising variety! And I gotta admit, some of my fav shots’ve been out the car window too, lol! Really nice selection choices, Tatiana! 😊

    • Thank you so much Felipe! Well, I have too many photos and I want to show them as much as possible. But, I also like to always do my best to respond to the given subject of a theme, so here we are 🙂

    • Thank you John! You are right, they know how to display their products and all those windows and stores are part of the towns/cities landscape in Europe. You see them when you walk on the street and you can enter in every one of them. But the main thing is that they really HAVE what to show and sell 😉 And what they are selling is literally a heaven of good taste, care, and pride by each of these small businesses.

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