New Horizon in Baja California – Photo Challenge on WP

I’ll start this challenge with a new horizon in Baja California, Mexico. Actually seeing new horizons is fortunately a wonderful thing I deal with quite often. This is because my husband and I like to travel a lot – while this is not always easy, it is however very interesting and exciting.

New Horizon in Baja California

Not only that I’m seeing new things very often, but I also like to take horizon photos..Here are three of them from our trip this summer.

1. New Horizon in Baja California, West Coast

I really like this one, because I’m also a fan of photographing starbursts and water 🙂

New horizon in Baja California

I took it in San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico in July. We came down from Arizona to escape the heat of the summer. The West side of Baja Peninsula is really cool, but not very well developed; a few hotels/resorts are hosting the sport fishing amateurs, but other than that not too much else…

Other 2 photos I found interesting from our trip to Baja California were taken near La Bocana, a small fishing village on the Peninsula de Vizcaino, well known for harvesting abalone.

2. New Horizon photos of a water mirage in Baja California

You probably have seen a water mirage before, but maybe few of you have taken photos of this amazing phenomenon. First I was really surprised that I was able to capture an image of something that actually doesn’t exist 🙂

Here they are:
Water miraje in Baja California
Water Miraje in Baja CaliforniaThis was an arid salty side of a beach transformed into a shortcut roadway between two villages: La Bocana and Punta Abreojos. The ocean was on the right side as you look at the photo. There was literally NO water at all on the horizon, but you can see the reflections – is this not something:)

3. New horizon after crossing the Baja California mountains

View of Sea of Cortez from the mountains of Baja California

From La Bocana it took us a long drive day to cross the Sierra de Santa Lucia mountains of Baja California from the Pacific Ocean to the Sea of Cortez.

We passed Santa Rosalia and spent one night in Loreto. A wonderful scenic road with a lot of fantastic landscapes. What a great experience this Baja California trip ! Click on the photos to see them in them in my original gallery.

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New Horizon

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