When it snows in Canada

Well, when in snows in Canada, it pours… Just to paraphrase the well known saying about rain 🙂

I took these two photos below while driving in a snow squall in Ontario. I should better say: while my husband was driving and I was shooting through the windshield from the passenger seat..

However, contrary to some beliefs, Canadians do not live in igloos and shovel snow all the year long. In the summertime for instance it doesn’t snow at all 🙂

It is true though, that in some years winter comes earlier than expected. It is also true that in some years it can even snow on Mother’s Day… this below is a photo I took in Collingwood, Ontario on the second Sunday of May:

Mother's Day snow in Collingwood, Ontario

But who doesn’t like winter photos? Good question – I don’t know. What I know is that I love taking them. There are many beautiful images of winter on sunny bright days, and I have some myself. However, as I previously mentioned in my “To Focus or Not to Focus” article, I like to take fuzzy type of weather photos. This is not a problem at all, because when it snows in Canada, all you have to do is get out and shoot 😉

Winter night traffic and lights in Ontario, Canada
Winter night traffic – Barrie, Ontario

When it snows in Canada – winter fuzzy photography

My husband and I generally go South for the winter, but there are exceptions. A great opportunity for winter photography! 🙂

This is a photo I took in the parking-lot of a motel we stayed in Ontario during a hellacious blizzard. Is it not nice? 😉

Blizzard night at the hotel - Ontario, Canada

Blue Mountain village, Collingwood, Ontario

Lucky enough, we had the opportunity to spend the winter and spring of 2012-13 in Collingwood Ontario. This is a very nice historic Canadian town and area to visit in all seasons. Here you can also find the only serious place in Ontario where you can ski. The ski resort is an European style vacation village called Blue Mountain. It really looks blue when the fog partially covers the trees. * The “Blue Mountain Ski Resort” is one of my bestselling photograph in all my print on demand sites

Believe it or not, there was not enough snow that year for the ski season, so they had to use special snow making machines.

I liked the village life scenery and the blowing snow in that sunny day, so I digitally made it as a painting, available in my FAA gallery.

I also liked to play with other winter street scenes I took at the Blue Mountain Village when the sun was shining over the snow

But on the slopes, the snow was continuously blown in a thick looking fog. Hard to even see the landscape…

The ski season ended in March in Collingwood, and people were enjoying every remaining single day doing winter activities… This is another image I digitally painted for my FAA gallery with the ski resort in a sunny day of March.

In April however, the winter was back Ha, ha… 🙂

It snows in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada
April snow in Blue Mountain, Collingwood, Ontario

Well, bottom line is that Collingwood is a beautiful area for a vacation in all seasons. If you want to see more photos of this place, I invite you to check my FAA Collingwood gallery. – In time I will add some more to my collections.

Some more snow and fuzzy winter photos in Ontario, Canada

Maybe it’s not easy to drive when it snows in Canada, but it’s fun to take photos 🙂 Look at these barns almost covered by a snow blizzard on the side of a highway:

Generally speaking, when it gets too miserable outside it’s better to stay inside…

Winter looking out the window

But when it snows in Canada, let it snow! It can be nice, but there is nothing you can do about it anyway, ha, ha 🙂

Dreamy like looking winter country scene in Ontario, Canada

I hope you liked my fuzzy winter photos from Canada. Click on them to see a larger format and print options in my Fine Art America gallery.

RDP Friday! Hellacious – Oh, I cannot believe it’s already Friday again… time really flies! 🙂

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