Travel windows framing photography

Travel windows framing photography can create great pictures of subjects like people, flowers, artifacts, landscapes, or just reflections. * Please click on the images for a larger view!

This wall of multiple reflecting windows was a beautiful piece of urban art in Bremerhaven, Germany, see my earlier post.

As with doors, windows will nicely frame scenes looking outside-in and vice-versa. One of my passions is to observe people, habitats and lifestyles.

Window framing photography with people, habitats and lifestyles

I photographed this scene in Belize City, motivated by a photographic contest on SmugMug/Dgrin on “Windows or Doors”. I called it “Hopes and Dreams in Belize City and I’m proud to say that it was the 3-rd Prize Winner! 🙂 *It is available in my Doors and Windows Wall Art gallery

In one of my earlier posts I have shown you this photo of a lady looking out of the window in a historic living museum near Ottawa, Canada – It was a sad story, but the light and framing opportunity were just great.

But talking about travel windows framing photography and habitat, I just couldn’t resist to take this photo of Panama City skyline viewed from a taxi cab – posted earlier in the FAA blog

Windows framing photography – Curtains

During one of our trips, it was dinner time when we thought to enter this bistro in Quebec. Before stepping in, I just couldn’t miss the outside window looking in. It was partially covered by a nice French old country style lace curtain. Above the curtain I could also notice some inside activity – I think that it is always a good idea to have a little snapshot of the place before you enter…

In Quebec, people like to display handmade lace curtains in their windows. I think they look very nice and show character:

Two more I liked are these windows with curtains below taken in Guatemala, San Pedro village on Lake Atitlan – lots of frames there…

Windows framing flowers

It is most common to see flowers in windows, especially in Europe, or European influenced places. Here is one I’ve seen in Quebec, Canada and really liked. It is available as art print – just click on it.

Windows framing outside scenes

When creating travel windows framing photography, looking inside-out is more common, but the scenes can differ. While visiting Seville, Spain, this is what I saw in the morning from our hotel window. Not too bad, I think… 🙂
BTW: I used this window frame with a given image of a garden and a cat silhouette I found, in an editing contest at FAA. Both images are available as art prints in my gallery. Click on them for details:

Last but not least, is this image “Looking Out Grandmas Window” – It frames a flower, lace curtains and also an outside view on the Newfoudland coast, Canada. It is available as art print in my FAA galleries – just click on it.

Looking Out Grandmas Window

Travel windows framing photography is just one way to emphasize your subjects and scenes.There are however many other elements that can create frames. Stay tuned for the next post on natural framing in photography.


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