Skewed Lines – Urban Art

I love to observe and photograph the skewed lines and shapes produced by reflections. Whether produced by windows or water surfaces, they create beautiful artistic abstracts.

In this case I photographed a big wall of windows on a building in Bremerhaven, Germany.
I found it in a small harbor, more like a marina for leisure boating in this area of the city.

It was a cold but sunny winter morning. Luckily we spent the night in a hotel located right on the waterside. I took my camera and stepped out, in the crisp January air. The light was fantastic and everything was just perfect for some great pictures.

The place was quite busy. Some people were going to work, others were just starting their day in the house boats parked in the marina. I looked at this modern building across the water several times. It was just amazing to see how the urban activity was continuously changing, reflecting in this glass wall.

I spent some time watching the moving skewed lines and shapes reflected there. It was a huge living urban art by a genius architect. I was simply captivated by the view, and I could have spent hours and hours in front of it. My husband was waiting for me to get to the breakfast and hit the road,though 🙂

Click on the images to see them as art prints in my FAA gallery

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