My Favorite Photos of 2019

I’ll try to select my favorite photos from the posts I made in 2019. It’s not easy, because I have three web sites based on my photography:Β, and also
As much as I could, I submitted them to the WordPress community, and I have to thank you all so very much for your likes and kind comments on them πŸ™‚

Also, thank you very much Patti from Lens-Artists Photo Challenge for this end of the year opportunity!

Here below I’ll insert my photos with the links to the posts they belong to, so you can take a look and refresh your memory if you like.

My favorite photos of 2019 from GiftSmart

#1: Neighborhood Winter Fruits

Winter fruits

#2: Festive Red Poinsettia for the Winter Holidays

Festive Art Print featuring the photograph Festive Red - Happy Holidays by Tatiana Travelways

: After the party

Carved Pumpkins Art Print featuring the photograph After The Party by Tatiana Travelways

: Evening rush hour at the bus stop

: Spider Beauty in The Morning Light

: … and finally, Stars are Magical

Stars Art Print featuring the photograph Fairytale On Rhine River by Tatiana Travelways

My favorite photos of 2019 from VegasGreatAttractions

I didn’t post too many on this site, so I only have a few:

#1: Fremont Street Experience Neon Lights

Las Vegas Art Print featuring the photograph Las Vegas by Tatiana Travelways

#2: Bellagio Las Vegas Chocolate Fountain – World’s largest chocolate fountain

My favorite photos of 2019 from TravelWays

Oh, here I have a lot of them…

#1: Abstract photography along my travels

Motion Art Print featuring the photograph Rush To Go Home by Tatiana Travelways

#2: Framing in Photography using Architectural Elements

Window Art Print featuring the photograph Open Window by Tatiana Travelways

: Birds nests along my travel ways

Robins Nest Art Print featuring the photograph New Arrivals by Tatiana Travelways

: To Focus or Not to Focus in Photography

: When it snows in Canada

: Layers in Photography along my travels

Grand Canyon South

: Candid Photography along my travels

Guatemala Art Print featuring the photograph Sunday Morning In Guatemala by Tatiana Travelways

: Monaco one day visit – For me this was an extraordinary unforgettable experience, a gift for my birthday received from my beloved husband πŸ™‚

Monte Carlo Art Print featuring the photograph Monte Carlo, Monaco View Of The Bay And Harbor by Tatiana Travelways

#9: Two of a Kind along my travel ways

Two Art Print featuring the photograph Two Rowboats In Nova Scotia by Tatiana Travelways

Don’t quit yet please! I want to post two more that I really cannot omit πŸ™‚

#10: Panama Canal Miraflores Locks

Panama Art Print featuring the photograph Crossing Panama Canal by Tatiana Travelways

#11: Finally, a digital watercolor of Mount Rainier covered by snow in the summertime

Mount Rainier Art Print featuring the photograph Mount Rainier Watercolor by Tatiana Travelways

However, before ending, I have some posts made with photos actually taken in 2019. These include my Quick Shots on the Go category:

#1. One of them is the Mount Hood Highway Road Trip:

Mount Hood Oregon


#2. Cold, white and peaceful places in the northwestern United States

Montana white and peaceful winter landscape

. Misty Multhnoma Falls, Oregon is part of my modest attempt for a weekly challenge for the WP travelers: Thursday Travel
Misty Multhnoma Falls

. Changing Seasons October 2019

Flathead National Forest and Lake at sunset, Montana

Well, I can see that I was quite prolific this year, and I congratulate myself for this πŸ™‚
** I still have a lot of photos I didn’t have the time to edit and made them as posts, but they are coming soon – stay tuned!

… And now, as the 2019 is ending, I want to wish you a very Happy, Prosperous and Full of Accomplishments New Year 2020!

Happy Holidays Art Print featuring the photograph Happy Holidays And Prosperous New Year by Tatiana Travelways

I really hope you didn’t become too bored with so many photos of mine… πŸ™‚

Β Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #77: Favorite Photos of 2019 | FOWC with Fandango β€” EndingΒ  | For the Fun of Photography |

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