Looking Out Of The Window

Looking Out Of The Window

 Looking Out Of The Window Art Print by Tatiana Travelways

Young lady from the last century looking out of the window at the Watson’s Mill in Manotick. I captured this image in the historic heritage community and live museum South of Ottawa in Ontario. The place was founded in 1864 by Moss Kent Dickinson – mayor of Ottawa, and it is situated on the Rideau Canal – part of the Village of Long Island Locks

The lady I photographed was part of the museum guide personnel – all dressed with costumes from the last century. I was on the second floor of the mill and I liked the light-dark contrast created by the window. I asked the lady guide to pose for me looking out, and that was for a more dramatic reason…

As history tells, this building was the scene of a tragic accident: while visiting the mill for the first time, the owner’s young wife, got her dress caught in a rotating shaft, and she was pulled down and killed instantly.

In some evenings with moonlight, locals say that that they can still see a beautiful young lady looking out the window of the second floor of Watson’s Mill

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Looking Out Of The Window framed print by Tatiana Travelways

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