Halloween Witches in Newfoundland, Canada

Nevertheless, Halloween witches are very scary, day or night. I had the chance to witness this with some shots I took in Newfoundland, Canada. They appear in many places in towns and villages, where you least expect them. But if and when they find a good environment, they can become dangerous! 😉

Witches generally wear black clothes and hats, so they can hide at night or in dark places. They like the darkness so nobody can see them. Therefore, for Halloween, people put lights outside to scare the evil spirits away. It looks like it works! Some fall into corners and relinquish their spooking 🙂

Halloween witch in Newfoundland

The good news is that Halloween witches are not the smartest creatures on Earth… This is how often they cannot even enter into houses. I’m not sure whether there is a scientific explanation for this or not. Fact is that some witches think they can go through walls, and they simple get stuck 🙂

Witch stuck on a house wall

But this one (above) looks like a young one, so maybe it didn’t have too much experience in doing it… Who knows ??

However, even older ones can miss the target. In a small village in Newfoundland (near St. Johns), I could photograph one. Believe it or not, it simply hit the street light pool and that was it 🙂

Halloween witch in Newfoundland, Canada

Ha, ha… I was happy to see that 🙂 Yuck those witches! Somebody should invent a repellent for them. But then, why bother I would say. Sometimes they are funny anyway… 🙂

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