Everything Is Beautiful In Its Own Way

I titled it Everything Is Beautiful In Its Own Way and took it in Belize City. This is one of the so many interesting things I found and photographed in this place. You can see the whole story about our trip in my previous blog-post: Belize City and Harbor.

I initially made this post wordless, but it would have been a loss not to express my feelings about it… This corner street house that looks almost abandoned intrigued me and attracted my eyes. So many contrasts and things to visually explore… I agree that not too many would stop to admire this neighborhood 🙂 But I like to observe things, sometimes just for fun… because after all,

Everything Is Beautiful In Its Own Way – right?

The first thing that struck me were the majestic palm trees flanking it. At least the tropical nature is beautiful there 🙂 I loved the contrast between all the shades of green and the red rusted metal roofs in the background. From there, my eyes went down to the weathered wooden walls and the partially destroyed fence. The debris and garbage in the front yard was complementing everything, not to mention the bright green of the plastic container 🙂

People were living there and freshly washed cloths were hanging out to dry in the sun. This scene tells an interesting story about the life and culture in Belize City. But, the most interesting part of the story is yet to come. I didn’t notice it until I enlarged the photo on my computer screen. If you click on the picture, you will see too the two kids sitting behind the garbage. Is this not heart touching?

Belize City Art Print featuring the photograph Everything Is Beautiful In Its Own Way by Tatiana Travelways

I added a digital watercolor touch to this image for a more artistic look. I also uploaded it to my Belize gallery Fine Art America for sale as art print. Click on it for details.

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