Dolan Springs Arizona a small Wild West village

Dolan Springs is an authentic Wild West village in Mohave County, Arizona. Many tourists pass by it everyday by bus on the way to Grand Canyon West, but not too many even notice it…

The rather quiet rustic village is just a stop for gas and a cup of coffee.

The village is actually half way between Hoover Dam, and Kingman Arizona.

Dolan Springs, Arizona map

Coming from Nevada on Hwy 93, when you see the sign for Grand Canyon, you turn left and you are almost there 🙂

There used to be a store with beads, local made jewelry and yarn right near the bus stop, but it closed from lack of clients. I really hope they will not tear down these rural artistic signs.

The village numbering about 2,300 people is quite rustic, not to mention a little junky. It is however an interesting place to visit. Western people were quite creative and I enjoyed exploring the unique artistic murals, signs, and artifacts 🙂

But “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”! For me the junk around was just a great photo opportunity 🙂

The high desert nature in Dolan Springs and area

Here you can admire the beautiful surrounding landscape, mountains, nature and of course the famous western sky. Hey I’ve seen and photographed the solstice full moon in December 2017 🙂

On the back roads, and also from around the house we were renting, I could observe the countryside and desert nature. It’s just beautiful in every season; in the morning, day or evening light! 🙂

In December we even had some snow, partially covering the prickled desert vegetation, but it didn’t last

It was just amazing to see all the blooming cacti and Joshua trees at springtime:

In terms of wildlife, everything amazed me: the jackrabbits and quails were a novelty, same with the rattlesnakes. The cottontail rabbits and chipmunks were not, but they were so cute…

Dolan Springs tourism

If you are a serious traveler, Dolan Springs is a good base for visiting a lot of attractions nearby in Arizona. We spent about nine months there and visited quite a few places. One I made a post of, was the London Bridge at Lake Havasu.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Dolan Springs, Arizona viewed through my eyes and camera 🙂

Lens Artists Photo Challenge #64: Countryside and/or Small Towns


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  1. Beautiful photos. I like the wonderful cactuses and flowers you have captured.

    Your like button did not load (not the first time I had this problem at your blog). Hope it is something temporary.

  2. Beautiful photos of Dolan Spring! These artistic murals are unique, and these cactus blooms are incredibly! Thank you for sharing with us. 🙂

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