Artistic Doors in Merida, Mexico

You can see many artistic doors in Merida, Mexico. Known for their ability of doing beautiful crafts and decorative art, Mexicans never get bored to create more. The Spanish and French colonial architecture stands out all over the country and Merida makes no exception. In Latin America people are trying to protect their entrances, and they came with the idea of manufacturing protective metal screens. I’ve seen many screens protecting the outside doors and windows in this part of the world. However, in Merida they attracted my eyes with their outstanding beauty. * Click on the images for a larger view!

Look at this filigree artwork for instance. The white paint against the red wall definitely attracts the eye.

Mexican filigree metal artwork on adoor screen

The deteriorated condition is common, but that makes these doors even more interesting to look at.

Filigran artistic door screen in Merida, Mexico

Details of Artistic Doors in Merida, Mexico

Here are some details of rusted filigree artwork on artistic door screens in Merida:

Rusted artistic door screen in Merida

Filigree artwork on door screens in Merida, Mexico

Filigree artwork on door screens in Merida, Mexico

As you can see, Mexicans are great not only with metalwork, but also with woodwork. For instance, this is an open church door I found to be interesting to photograph:

Church door Merida

For those who likes doors, I made a poster with the examples above, and it’s available as a print in my gallery.

Merida doors poster by Tatiana Travelways

Just click on it for details!

BTW: I like to photograph doors and you can see more of them on some of my previous posts.

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