Mount Rushmore

Incredible but true – I have seen Mount Rushmore and monument in S.Dakota! 🙂 Click on the photo to see it in the my “dailies” gallery and stay tuned for more!

Welcome to Las Vegas sign

The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada Sign is as fabulous as the Las Vegas Attractions. Click on the photo to see more of the great attractions of the “Sin City”

Fresh mangos served on the Acapulco beaches

Click on the photo to see it in my Daily Photos Gallery. The post about Acapulco beaches is coming – stay tuned 🙂

St. Mary Cathedral, Briar Island, Acadian Trail Yarmouth - The largest wooden church in N. America

We visited St. Mary’s Cathedral on Yarmouth & Acadian Shores of Nova Scotia a few years ago when we drove to the Maritimes Canada. It is a French church and at that time the church was celebrating 100 years of existence

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